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Alpha science classroom: Solar-Powered Paper House

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The sun not only brings us light but also can bring us green and living clean energy. Do children know how to harvest this natural green energy? Today, Alpha Science Classroom teaches kids to make a solar-powered Paper House to collect Solar energy, At the same time, Alpha Science Classroom hopes children can learn about the magic of the earth and nature through this fun environmental science experiment project for children. Help children learn the most important mysteries of kid's science experiments with simple craft lessons.

Alpha Science Classroom: Solar-Powered Paper House, materials needed

  • Solar paper house template

  • Cardstock

  • Art supplies (optional)

  • Scissors

  • Unboxing knife

  • ruler

  • Repositionable double-sided tape

  • The mini solar panel (5V)

  • 5mm or 10mm LED bulb

  • Copper tape

Alpha Science Classroom: How to Build a Solar-Powered Paper House

Alpha Science Classroom SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Adult supervision is required when using electricity

Step 1: First, children print out your template on cardstock. Decorate if necessary.

Step 2: children cut out the cardstock around the solid black line. To cut the window, please grab an adult and a box opener.

Step 3: children need to fold the house along the dotted line. A ruler can help you make straight folds.

Step 4: The children stick double-sided tape on the flaps at the bottom of the house and then stick it on the base. Save the roof for the next step.

How to connect solar panels to your paper house

Step 5: The children fold the roof in half along the dotted line, which is on the inside of the roof.

Step 6:Open the LED leads so that the bulb can be flush with the dotted fold line on the inside of the roof.


Step 7: Children, put the LED on the folding line of the roof, with the positive pole (longer) of the LED on the side marked with +. Stick the tape firmly with copper tape along the circuit line, and then wrap it to the top of the roof where the solar panels are located. Make sure that your copper tape is aligned with the contacts on the solar panel and folded so that the sticky side is facing up.

Step 8: Children, repeat step 3 for the negative LED lead (short lead) on the side marked -.

Step 9: Children, if your solar panels have wires, please gently remove them and glue the solar panels to the copper tape, with the positive terminal at the same end as the positive circuit wire.

Use double-sided repositionable tape to attach the roof to the house wall.

Step 10:Put the house in the sun and watch the light bulb glow.

Troubleshoot the solar paper house

The children find that the light bulb does not emit light, please check several aspects:

Does the solar panel have enough sunlight? Make sure to test in bright sunlight

Is your LED bulb fresh? Then check the battery pack.

Are the solar panel wires firmly connected to the LED leads? Check and fix it firmly with copper tape. If you must use multiple parts for a circuit line, make sure to overlap by at least 1 inch.

Alpha Science Classroom: How do solar panels work? The science behind

Children may have seen solar panels in power stations, schools, car charging stations, street lights, pool heaters, etc. Scientists and engineers are also working hard to develop powered vehicles, such as trains and cars!

Next time you go out, please check your surroundings to see if you can find some solar panels.

Solar panels use energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy. The panel consists of many photovoltaic cells that absorb photon light particles. When the sun hits the cell, the photons in the sun excite the electrons in the cell. These electrons move within the solar cell until they reach the electrode that captures electricity.

The current generated is direct current (DC), but your house needs alternating current (AC) to power appliances, lights, etc. The panel also includes an inverter, which can be changed to the correct format. Homeowners with solar panels can power their houses and send excess electricity to the grid to help their neighbors!

Isn't it amazing that the solar-powered paper house made by the children is shining? This is the green energy of solar energy, and kids can use it all the time. Today's Alpha Science Classroom is finished, but kids can keep exploring this amazing environmental science experiment. Because the earth and nature still have many amazing secrets, children can become the best environmental scientists by revealing them through fun children's science experiments.

Alpha Science Toys also prepares interesting earth and natural science experiment kits for children, helping children understand our beautiful earth and nature, allowing children to explore the secrets of nature, cultivating children's environmental awareness, and protecting the environment we live in together.


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