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Alpha science classroom: Soil Electrical Conductivity

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Did the kids know? Soil and energy don't really go together, do they? Soil seems natural and a little messy, while energy is a mysterious force that powers everything from our toasters to our cars. What could be more different than that? Well, Alpha science classroom believes that science is all about testing our view of the world. Today, in this Soil Electrical Conductivity kids' physical science experiments, we'll use the scientific method to explore whether any type of soil is capable of conducting, or carrying, electricity. Is there such a thing as electrical conductivity in soil? Maybe soil and energy aren't such a strange pair. Kids can learn about the amazing power of soil and energy with this kid science experiment.

Alpha Science Classroom: Soil Electrical Conductivity, Materials are needed.

  • 3 containers with lids

  • 1/2 cup of clay

  • 1/2 cup of sand

  • 1/2 cup of potting soil

  • 1 cup of distilled water

  • DC 12 volt battery

  • 3 jumper cables with alligator clips

  • 2 copper electrodes

  • 1 milliampere meter

  • Marker

  • ruler

  • Adult

Alpha science classroom: Soil Electrical Conductivity, Experimental Procedures.

Step 1: First, children labeled three containers A, B, and C with markers.

Step 2: Then, the children placed 1/8 cup of sand into container A, 1/8 cup of clay into container B, and 1/8 of potting soil into container C.

Step 3: The children pour 1/8 cup of distilled water into each container.

Step 4: Children look at the contents of each container. Think about what you know about electricity and sand, clay, and cultured soil. What do you think makes a substance conduct electricity or not conduct electricity?

Remember the "questions" for this project. Which type of soil conducts electricity best? Write down your best guess, or hypothesis, in your notebook.


Step 6: Children secure the lids to each container by shaking Container A and removing the lid from Container A.

Step 7: The children invite an adult assistant to insert two copper electrodes into the sand, about 5 cm apart.

Step 8: The children then ask the adult helper to connect an ammeter and a DC 12-volt battery to the electrodes.

Step 9: Children read the ammeter, record the current measurements in their notebook, and repeat steps 7-12 with containers B and C.

Step 10: Children carefully review the recorded notes. Go and discover which material conducts electricity best? You should have recorded the highest meter rating for the potting soil.

Alpha Science Classroom: Soil conductivity, scientific principles

Alpha science classroom teaches children that conductivity is usually determined by the presence of nutrients and ions. Whenever you have a set of nutrients and a set of ions, the ions are immediately attracted to their nutrient neighbors. This attraction equals energy. Potting soil has a lot of nutrients and ions, so it produces a lot of energy. Your measuring tool picked up on this, which is why you recorded such high numbers. On the other hand, clay and sand have hardly any nutrients or ions and therefore produce very little energy.

Alpha science classroom shows the kids how to use this new knowledge! The better the conductivity of the soil, the better the home for the plants - and plants like nutrients and ions! You can try checking your backyard for plants. Try checking your backyard to see the plants that are doing well and those that are dying. Watch for more fun science experiments for kids to explore these mysterious forces and the answers behind them.

Soil and energy itself is a good pair of partners, plants can grow better with the help of electric ions, and children know the mystery of plants, then today, Alpha science classroom Soil Electrical Conductivity experiment is very successful, in fact, nature also hides a lot of amazing scientific knowledge, waiting for Only through more kid science experiments can they truly understand the world and grow up healthy and happy.

alpha science toys have prepared many children's physical science experiment kits to help children understand the knowledge of energy and motion so that children can master the energy of the earth, grow up fast and become the most powerful little scientists.


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