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Alpha science classroom: Soda Can Electroscope

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Have the kids ever tried closing the door on a warm, dry day only to get a mild electric shock? How about scaring your friends or family by shining your shoes on the carpeted floor? Have you ever rubbed your hair with a balloon to make it stand up? How do we pay attention to invisible static electricity? Today, the Alpha Science Classroom teaches children to make a soda can electroscope, and through such a magical children's physical science experiments project, explore the mystery of static electricity with children. Use this kid's science experiment to help children understand the basics of physics and become the smartest little scientist.

Alpha Science Classroom: Soda can electroscope, materials needed for the experiment.

  • An empty soda can

  • Insulation tape

  • One Styrofoam cup

  • Aluminum foil

  • Scissors

  • Adult supervision

Alpha Science Classroom: Soda Can Electroscope, Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: First, children hang the aluminum foil on the soda can and then glue the can to the Styrofoam cup.

Step 2: Using scissors next to the two pieces of aluminum foil, the children cut two pieces of foil, approximately 4cm x 0.5cm.

Step 3: Children make a hook on the end of each aluminum strip. Then hang the strips on the end of the ring pull tab.

Step 4: The children place the checker near the TV. What will happen to the strips? Why?


Step 5: Children bring the charged balloon toward the soda can tester - the foil of the ring pull hanging from the can is attracted to the balloon and this is the "very simple tester!"

Step 6: The children try to charge the balloon by rubbing it with a piece of cloth. Place it near the checker ...... What happens?

Alpha Science Classroom: Soda Can Electroscope, Scientific Principles

The alpha science classroom tells kids that like charges repel each other and opposite charges attract each other. When you wipe an electroscope, the charge from the aluminum falls onto the leaves of the foil, and then they repel each other because they have the same charge, either positive or negative.

When you place it near other electrostatically charged objects (such as a TV), the charging strip will move, depending on whether the aluminum strip is attracted or repelled to the appliance. You can tell whether the static electricity generated by the appliance is positively or negatively charged. If an object with an opposite charge is brought near the electroscope, the aluminum leaf strip will hang straight down. Since the charge has been discharged, the aluminum strips no longer repel each other.

Electroscopes can also be charged by electrostatic induction. If you bring a charged object near the electron microscope, this will cause the leaves to disperse as well, since the electric field of the object causes the charges in the electron microscope bars to separate.

Children's Soda Can Electroscope is completed, whether the existence of static electricity at home, children can also learn more about the scientific mysteries of static electricity through complex children's physical science experiments, learn more about physics, enjoy the scientific fun brought by kid's science experiments, the power of science, to become the greatest scientists.

alpha science toys are specially designed to help children learn with many interesting children's physical science experiment kits so that children can enjoy the fun brought by science while learning, with the help of science, to complete their own scientific dreams.


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