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Alpha science classroom: Smoking Fingers Trick

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Magic is incredible, whether it's a slight hand movement or something that tricks the eyes, you can't stop watching the magician's magic show. The smoking finger is common magic, do children know the scientific secrets? Today, Alpha Science Classroom teaches children to learn Smoking Fingers Trick magic skills. At the same time, with this interesting children's chemistry experiment project, let children enjoy the knowledge and fun of kid's science experiment activities and understand that magic and science are inseparable partners.

Tips for Alpha science classroom: This kind of magical illusion can be dangerous, so ask an adult to demonstrate for you, prepare a fire extinguisher on hand, and always wear gloves. Have fun cheating your friends and family!

Alpha science classroom: Smoking Fingers Trick Supplies Needed

  • Box of matches

  • Scissors

  • Ceramic plate

  • Freezer

Alpha Science Classroom: How to Make Smoking Fingering Trick

The first step: First, children put the ceramic plates in the refrigerator to chill. Unless the surface of the board is very cold, this experiment is impossible. No refrigerator? You can run the plate under cold water for a few minutes.

Step 2: Children cut the front from the side of a box of matches. The forward is the strip you use to hit the ball.

Step 3: Children will peel off the cardboard on the back of the firing pin.

Step 4: Children, fold the firing pin in half lengthwise and the rod in half.

Step 5: Children, take the utensils out of the refrigerator and place them on a stable surface.

Put the folded firing pin face down on a cold plate, light it on fire, and then quickly put it on the plate to burn. Or, you can place an upside-down firing pin on a plate, and if necessary, you can place a match on its back to light it.


Step 6: Children wait for the fire to go out. After the firing pin cools down, move the firing pin away to expose the phosphorus residue on the board.

Step 7: Children carefully applied some brown phosphorous slag on their fingers, and then began to rub their fingers. You will begin to notice the formation of smoke. Continue to rub the fingers with the residue on the fingers to create the magical smoking finger effect.

Finally, after the children have completed this children's chemistry experiment, please wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Alpha Science Classroom: The science behind Smoking Fingers Trick

Alpha science classroom tells the children what smoke is? Do your fingers really smoke in this trick? Smoke is just fine particles of carbon or other substances that are visible in the air. In this technique, the particle is phosphorus, which is the material used to make the striker bar of the matchbox. The striker bar is made of red phosphorous, and after burning, it rearranges its molecules into white phosphorous. This unstable white phosphorous, when rubbed with a finger, will be oxidized by oxygen in the air to phosphorous oxide and appear in the form of white smoke. If you do this children's chemistry experiment in the dark, you will even see smoke glow.

Surprise! After kids learn this magic Smoking Fingers Trick, do they feel that magic is not so mysterious? Alpha Science Classroom wants to explain the connection between magic and science with this kid's chemistry lab project. At the same time, it can also bring different fun for children's extracurricular time through interesting kid's science experiment activities, cultivate children's interest in science, and help children become the most powerful scientific magician!


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