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Alpha science classroom:Shining light refraction for science experiments for kids

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Find a place in the classroom where the sun shines directly through the window. The sunny place gathered all the children to discuss how the sun shone in through the Windows. Alpha Science Classroom tells how does that sunlight gets into the classroom today? A simple light-refraction science lab for kids, giving them the most amazing natural phenomena

This is probably one of the simplest science experiments for kids in Alpha Science Toys' kits. It's easy to make light refraction for kids, but it's tricky to explain what light refraction is, but even if you don't fully understand it, it's impressive!

Alpha science classroom:What material is light refraction for science experiments for kids

1.Paper or bard




Alpha science classroom:science experiments for kids

Alpha science classroom: This is Step for light refraction for science experiments for kids

Step 1: Children pour the water into a glass cup, fill the bottom of glass cup

Step 2:Children draw arrows on a card or paper. Put the paper behind the glass and watch the arrow point in the opposite direction.

Step 3:Kids now try to think about how it would still make sense to put the card behind the glass. We tried it. When the paper wasn't behind the glass, the children moved the CARDS up and down, and the refraction of the light remained.

Alpha science classroom:light refraction (1)

Alpha science classroom: How does light refraction work?

Alpha science toys tell children that when light travels between two media, it refracts (bending of light). In the above refraction experiment, light travels through the air from the arrow, then through the glass, water, glass, then to the air, and then to the eye.

The light pointed by the arrow refracts through the glass to your eyes (in this case, the camera). In fact, the glass is like a convex lens (just like you might be in a magnifying glass). The convex lens bends the light to the focus. This is the point where light from the object passes through. Relative to the children's eyes, the light at the top of the arrow is now on the right and the light on the right is now on the left (assuming you are farther from the focus than glass). If the children move the arrow image closer to the glass than the focus, it will be the way you want to circle!

The above is the light-refractive science experiments for kids conducted by Alpha science classroom for children. Do parents and children like such science experiments for kids activities very much? Parents can go to Alpha science classroom to view more science experiments for kids categories in different disciplines and explore different science experiments with children together to learn interesting scientific knowledge. Or go to Alpha science toys' children's educational science toy world to choose the most suitable children's science experiment kit for children, together to unveil the magic veil of science and become the happiest scientist.


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