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Alpha science classroom:Salt water density science experiment for kids

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In the rainy season, children can only play at home. To enrich their time for fun, today, Alpha science classroom presents children with a classic kitchen science experiment, an easy-to-make salt water density experiment that is one of the classic floating science experiments. Do you want to know what happens to eggs in saltwater? Do eggs float or sink in saltwater? Children will learn a lot of knowledge while playing this simple science experiment of salt water density.


Alpha science classroom: Salt water density science experiment for kids preparation material

  • 2 tall cups (big enough to hold an egg)

  • 2 Eggs

  • Warm Water

  • Salt

Alpha science classroom:The salt water density of experimental steps for children

Step 1:Fill the cup with 2/3 water.

Step 2: Fill the 2nd cup with 2/3 water.

Step 3: Add 3 tablespoons of salt into one of the cups and make the salt fully dissolved in the water.

Step 4: Put eggs in two different cups. The second egg should float because of the density of the water.


After this simple scientific experiment on salt water density is completed, children can easily make the experiment with different objects around the room. Alpha science toys have tried and suggest that small plastic products are the best way to measure salt water density.

Alpha science classroom:Extended Question for Science experiment of brine density

Do you float better in saltwater?

What about some of the biggest mammals on earth that float easily in the ocean?

Does the density of the salt water play a role?

Why is the ocean salty? The simple answer is that the salt comes from the rocks on the land that has been broken down by erosion and is carries by streams to the ocean

Alpha science classroom: Tell children what is density

Big items that feel light, like a ping pong ball, we would say are less dense, than smaller items that feel heavy, like a gold ring.  When added to water, objects that are denser than water sink, and those that are less dense than water float. Hollow things often float too as air is less dense than water.

How does salt change the density of water?

Adding salt to water makes the water denser.  As the salt dissolves in the water, it adds mass (more weight to the water).   This makes the water denser and thus allows more objects to float on the surface that would sink in freshwater.

Well, today's Alpha Science Classroom Kitchen Science Lab activity is over. Did the children learn anything from the Salt Water Density Science Lab activity? Did you feel that the kitchen also hides a lot of scientific secrets? Children can find the kitchen science toy kit in alpha Science Toys and unlock the hidden contents of the kitchen at home



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