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Alpha science classroom: Rising Water Experiment

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Burning candles in the water which most like magic kid's science experiment activities, what is the magic mystery? Alpha Science Classroom uses simple children's physical science experiments to show kids how to raise water without touching a cup or can.

Alpha science classroom: Rising Water Experiment Materials

  • A plate with a raised rim or a shallow bowl

  • Water

  • Candle

  • Lighter or matches

  • Drinking glass or mason jar

  • Optional: food coloring

  • Optional: Playdough

  • Free rising water experiment worksheet

Alpha science classroom: Rising Water Experiment Materials Production steps

Step 1: Put the candle in the middle of the plate or bowl.

Step2: If children’s candles cannot stand independently, use plasticine to help them stand upright.

Step 3: Children mix water and food coloring in a separate container. Food coloring can help you see the rising water better.

Step 4: The children pour colored water into the plate (approximately 1 cm in depth).

Step 5: Children use lighters or matches to light candles. If you use the free ascending water experiment worksheet, you can ask your child to make his predictions about the predictions made by placing the glass on the paper on the candle.


Step 6: The children turn the glass bottle or glass bottle upside down and place it on the candle. Then observe what happens to the water while the fire is still burning; what happens when the fire is extinguished.

Alpha science classroom: The science behind the rising water experiment

The alpha science classroom hopes to allow your children to make educated guesses (hypotheses!) through this simple children's science experiment to understand why the water rises when the candle is extinguished, and why the candle extinguishes in the first place.

The candle went out and we didn't blow it because its oxygen was used up. Oxygen is consumed when the flame burns, and because the candle is trapped in the glass, the available oxygen is quickly consumed. If there is no oxygen in the glass, the candle cannot continue to burn.

While the candle was still burning, the flame heated the air inside the glass. The hot air expands rapidly and creates a higher air pressure inside the glass than outside the glass. In order to restore balance, some high-pressure air inside escapes from under the glass. You may have seen tiny bubbles escaping from under the glass.

When the flame goes out, the air inside the glass cools down. The cooling air shrinks, thereby reducing the air pressure inside the glass.

Children see candles burning in the water, isn't it amazing, kids go to develop their imagination, through the children's physics science experiment project to find out more about the scientific mystery of why water rises. In the children's science world created by Alpha Science Toys for children, there are many amazing kid's science experiment activities, a variety of different children's physics science experiment kits, to help children learn more interesting science knowledge and grow into the best scientists. What are the children waiting for? Go to Alpha Science Toys and create your own science experiment!


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