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Alpha science classroom:Rainbow Refraction

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Rainbows, a favorite natural phenomenon among children, are colorful and add a beautiful landscape to the sky. So do children know? Why is the color of the rainbow different when seen from different angles, are your eyes deceiving you? Or are there other scientific mysteries? Today, the alpha science classroom is going to unlock the mystery of light and color refraction through Rainbow Refraction, a magical children's physical science experiment project that will make children fall in love with kid's science experiment activities and learn more about science.

Alpha science classroom: Rainbow Refraction,Materials you'll need

  • glass cup

  • water

  • food coloring

Alpha Science Classroom: Rainbow Refraction, Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: First, children fill each of the three cups with water. Use food coloring to dye one cup red, the other blue, and the last yellow.

Step 2: children now arrange the cups into a triangle with the yellow cup in front. You might imagine that where the blue and yellow cups overlap, you will see green. Conversely, where the red and yellow cups overlap, one might expect to see orange. However, the colors are converted!


Step 3: If children arrange the cups in different ways, will the colors still be flipped? Children start their imagination and try new permutations and combinations.

Alpha science classroom: Rainbow Refraction, the scientific principle behind it!

The alpha science classroom tells the children, what is going on with this phenomenon? What the children see is a beautiful example of refraction-light rays bend when passing through two different materials. Viewed from the side, a glass of water is like a magnifying glass, bending any light passing through it to the center of the glass. The light from the blue and red glasses passes through the yellow glass and bends toward the center. When the light finally reaches your eyes, it sends the familiar combination of green (yellow+blue) and orange (yellow+red) to the sides. The trick depends on the distance between the glasses and your own viewing distance. What happens if you get close to the glasses? What happens when you move the yellow glass further away from the red and blue glass? You can also play with refraction by drawing an arrow on a piece of paper and placing the arrow behind a glass of water. At some distances, the arrow will point in its original direction, but at other distances, the arrow will flip! Children, do you understand?

The eyes deceive us because of the refraction of light, and rainbows are full of different colors, which is why we see them wrong. Children think outside the box and discover more about rainbows and the mysteries of light through the Rainbow Refraction, a children's physical science experiment project full of eye-catching colors in the alpha science classroom. Enjoy the fun of kid's science experiments!

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