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Alpha science classroom:Rainbow Paper - Children's Color Science Experiment

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Rainbows are one of the most beautiful natural wonders and can teach us so much about color science for kids. After children finish the science activity in the Alpha science classroom, every child has their own colorful rainbow paper. Alpha Science Toys uses the simple children's color science experiment activities to let children know the simple color composition and understand the magic mystery of color.


Alpha science classroom:Rainbow Paper Getting Ready

To make rainbow paper we gathered a few quick supplies:

  • A bowl filled with water

  • Clear nail polish

  • Rectangles of black construction paper or black card stock (about 3-5 inches long on the sides)

  • Paper towels

Alpha Science Classroom:Safety Tips

Alpha science toys suggest doing this experiment in a ventilated area with good air circulation. The exposure to nail polish is so brief that it shouldn’t cause any problems, but if you have a child that is especially sensitive to strong smells it may be best to either do this experiment outside or skip it altogether.

Alpha science classroom: How to make the rainbow paper

Step 1: When children are ready, pls drip one little drop of nail polish into the bowl of water. Wait for a couple of seconds, then dip a piece of black paper into the water and pull it out again. That’s it!

Step 2: Set the pieces of rainbow paper onto paper towels to dry. It’s amazing to see how different each piece turns out!

Step 3: Place the paper under the water first and then drip one drop of clear nail polish on top of it. The nail polish disperses across the surface of the water within a couple of seconds. Once the nail polish spreads out, it’s safe to pull the paper out of the water, coating it with a thin film of clear nail polish.

Step 4: The nail polish dries quickly on the surface of the water, which creates a film that won’t stick to the paper. To do this activity successfully it needs to be done quickly. Be sure to dip the paper into the water within 10-15 seconds after the drop of nail polish goes in.


If the nail polish does create a dry film on top, simply scoop it off and try again more quickly!

It was fascinating to see how each piece came out so differently!

Step 5: Once the paper is dry (this only takes a few minutes) tilt the paper in different directions to see the rainbow patterns appear. Hold it next to a sunny window for the best results!

Experiment to see which technique works best for you!

Alpha Science Toys did several experiments with a few sheets of paper. It's amazing how different each piece is! Kids try out which technology works best for you!

Alpha science classroom: The Science Behind Rainbow Paper

Alpha science classroom reveals the secret for children:

When you dip the paper into the water it gets coated with a thin layer of nail polish. The rainbow colors you see are caused by thin-film interference.

Children will notice that the colors on the paper change as you tip the paperback and forth. This happens because light hits the paper at different angles as you tip it.

The colors of the rainbow vary with the thickness of the nail polish on the paper. This is why each piece of rainbow paper is varied and unique!

This is the same effect you will see when oil mixes with water on the road on rainy days. Thin-film interference is also visible on the surface of soap bubbles at just the right angle to the light.

Alpha science classroom tells you a secret:

Each piece of rainbow paper is sturdy and resilient. They can be cut up and used for a rainbow paper craft such as a Mother’s Day card, a valentine, or paper wings on an insect.

Children can use their imagination and creativity to create shapes by hand, show off their artistic ability, and let your partner feel the magic of your rainbow!

Well, the method of making rainbow paper in the Alpha Science classroom was Shared today. Children can find other materials to continue to explore different children's color science experiment projects and unlock the magic mystery behind color. Children can also go to Alpha Science Toys to choose the special magic rainbow science toy set, unlock more secrets of the rainbow, become the most powerful rainbow wizard!



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