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Alpha science classroom: Plane Mirror Reflection Experiment

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Did the kids know? We use to put these mirrors every day in our bathrooms, bedrooms, and cars. When you look into a flat mirror, you see a mirror image that is flipped backward, opposite to the object it reflects, so do kids know why this is? Today, the alpha science classroom through Plane Mirror Reflection Experiment, for children to unlock the mystery of physical science experiments for children in the mirror while sending children to the fun of knowledge and experience the charm of science through kid's science experiments activities.

Alpha Science Classroom: Materials needed for plane mirror reflection experiment

  • Protractor

  • Two identical small flat mirrors

  • Modeling clay

  • Small objects (coins, small people, etc.)

  • Paper strips

  • Pens

  • Plastic packing tape

Alpha science classroom: Plane Mirror Reflection Experiment step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: First the kids tape the mirrors together so they can open and close like hinges. You will want to leave a small gap (about 1/16th of an inch) between the two edges to do this.

Step 2: Children use a protractor to mark angles of 30, 36, 45, 60, 90, 120, and 180 degrees on a piece of paper.

Step 3: Children place the hinge of the mirror on the vertex of the angle you marked. The first angle you want to test will be 180 degrees.

Step 4: Children place the object (if it doesn't stand up on its own, you can embed it in modeling clay) in the middle of the mirror and look at the reflection. How many objects do you see, both reflected and real?


Step 5: Children place the object flat between the two mirrors and move the mirrors together to the other angles you marked with your protractor. How many objects do you see at each angle? Is there something about the angles that can help you predict how many objects you will see? Is the image of each reflection the same brightness?

Step 6: Write a word on a piece of paper and place it in the middle of a 60-degree mirror. Look closely at the second reflector (the reflection of the reflector). Can you read this writing? Why do you think this is happening?

Alpha science classroom: Plane Mirror Reflection Experiment, Science Principles

The alpha science classroom reveals for kids that as you move the mirror closer, you will see more and more objects (reducing the angle between them). Whenever you can see an integer number of image reflections, the angle of the mirror will be perfectly divided into 360 degrees. When you look at the reflection of a reflection, you will be able to read the words in the mirror just as if you were pointing a camera at the object. As the number of reflections increases, the reflection should become darker (more silvery).

The mirror reflects the reflections of other mirrors within 180 degrees of the mirror. When the mirror reflects, the reflected image will be reversed, but if you reflect something twice, it will look normal.

Because light moves in and out of each mirror in a straight line, light bounces back and forth between the mirrors several times before it gets from the object to your eye. The number of times the light bounces (and the number of objects you see) will correlate with the number of times the angle is divided into 360. As the angle between the mirrors gets closer and closer to zero, more and more images appear. At an angle of 0 degrees, or when two mirrors are facing each other, there will be an infinite number of reflections.

Children learn the principle of mirror reflection through this interesting plane mirror image experiment. Children can show the magic of science for their little ones through this children's physical science experiment activity and enjoy the fun and learning help brought by kid's science experiments together so that every child can grow up and become the most awesome scientist.

the alpha science classroom is also prepared for children, children's physical science experiment kits, with different scientific principles, for children to open a door to explore the principles of science, to find the most interesting scientific mysteries.


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