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Alpha science classroom:Oil and Water Experiment

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Oil and water Experiment have different characteristics, and children sometimes can't distinguish oil and water, Today, Science experiment for kids of Alpha science classroom will bring us to explore the properties of oil and water, and teaches color theory. All in one simple, quick experiments chemistry for kids that is a perfect preschool and early elementary. Want to power up the learning for older kids? Read on for some extension activities that take this activity to the next level!

In Alpha Science Classroom this science experiment for kids, we use the incredible science behind oil and water-repelling each other to also learn some color theory. Adding in the magic of color mixing takes this simple science experiment from “meh” to “WOW”.


Alpha science classroom:Oil and water Experiment

What material does the science experiment need?

  • Baby oil (other liquid oils work too, but baby oil is clear)

  • Water

  • Cup, glass bowl, or petri dish.

  • Small cups (3)

  • Food coloring (minimum 2 colors, start with primary colors)

  • Dropper (like a medicine dropper, pipette, or even a syringe)

  • Spoons

Alpha science classroom :Oil and water Experiment Activity Step  

Step 1: Fill the small cups with about 2 to 3 tablespoons of water.

Add 2-3 drops of yellow food coloring to one cup. Mix with a spoon. Then add 2-3 drops of blue food coloring to the other cup. Mix. Leave the third cup with just plain water.

Step 2: Fill the larger cup/bowl/petro dish about 1 inch deep with baby oil. Fill the dropper with the colored water from either cup.

Drop by drop add the colored water into the cup of oil.


Step 3: Encourage your child to explain what they are seeing.

Now clean the dropper in the clean water cup.

Fill the dropper with the second color and slowly drop by drop add it to the cup.

Amazing changes are underway! Watch, children!

Alpha Science Classroom: Observations of Oil and water Experiment

While doing this experiment the colored oils will form into bubbles that float in the water. The colors will eventually start to mix creating a whole new color!

That’s why children love this specific experiment for seeing how oil and water mix. Children can see that not only do oil and water not mix but that even when floating in oil, the waters will mix together, creating our new colors.

So cool!

Alpha Science classroom: Analysis of principles of Oil and Water Science

Alpha science toy tells us: Water molecules are polar and one end has a slight negative charge, the other a slight positive charge. We explored this in other chemistry experiments for kids experiments like Magic Milk.

The polarity means those water molecules can form hydrogen bonds and attach to other molecules that are also polar, this includes other water molecules. It is like little magnets attracting each other.

On the other hand, we have oil molecules that are non-polar. This means they can’t form hydrogen bonds with water molecules.

This results in water and oil not mixing and instead bunching together.

When we shake the water and oil mixture you are attempting to emulsify the mixture through a physical process. It breaks down the water bubbles into smaller bits, but it still does not mix and dissolve.

To get water and oil to mix we need an emulsifier and guess what? We have an experiment for that! In fact, we use emulsifiers all the time when we are making bath bombs and even did an experiment showing the power of emulsifiers. See our Moon Dough link in the next section.

Alright,  Alpha science classroom today is the end of the science experiment for kids of oil and water. Do children understand the reason why color oil and water are not compatible? Next, children can also use their imagination and creativity to expand this science experiment for kids and make an underwater lava lamp of their own. Alpha science toys have related experimental methods. Children who want to learn more about interesting chemistry experiments for kids, please pay attention to alpha science toys, or go to alpha science toys to buy interesting chemistry science experiment toy sets to unlock more hidden mysteries in chemistry!



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