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Alpha science classroom:Make Gravity-Powered Sorting Machine

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Have children ever picked up the coin in their lives, when you put different size toys mixed,

It's a very messy business to separate them, then this time gravity sorter becomes the best helper. Today, Alpha science classroom can make a Gravity-Powered Sorting Machine through simple kids science experiments, which make children know simple Knowledge of engineering and physical science to be the best engineer

Alpha science classroom:Make Gravity-Powered Sorting Machine material

  • plastic cup

  • Craft stick

  • paper

  • tape

  • glue

  • scissors

  • Plastic beads or glass beads in a craft shop. A diameter of 6 mm (about 1/4 inch) works well.

  • Plastic beads or glass beads in a craft shop. A diameter of 12 mm or about 1/2 inch works well.

Alpha science classroom:Make Gravity-Powered Sorting Machine program

Step 1: The children pour a mixture of large and small marbles into a single plastic cup. Shake or stir the cup to ensure that the beads are evenly mixed.

Step 2: The children glued several craft sticks together to form a grate. The gap between the rods should be large enough to allow small marbles to pass through them, but small enough to prevent large marbles from passing through.

Step 3: Use plastic cups, other craft rods, paper, glue, and tape to establish a support structure for the sorter so that it is fixed at an angle above the two plastic cups. (If you use tape, you can easily disassemble the machine if you decide to modify it later; using glue may be tricky, but you can build other machines if needed.) A cup should be placed directly under the cup. When the sorter collects smaller beads, another cup should be located at the lower end of the grate to collect the larger beads. Make sure that the collection cup is not permanently fixed to the rest of the machine, children need to be able to remove it easily.

Step 4: The children roll up a piece of paper or carefully cut a plastic cup, and then use it to make a funnel on the top of the sorter so that you can pour the marble into the machine.


Step 5: The children pour the mixed marbles into the funnel and observe what happens. How do marbles flow through your machine? Will the smaller marble marbles fall in the grate?

Now, remove the two collection cups and check their contents. Are the cups classified correctly (one big marble is in one, and the other is small marbles), or are they "contaminated" by some beads in the wrong cup?

Pour all the marbles into a cup, then mix again, repeat the above steps, think about better methods and classification modes.

Alpha science classroom:Make Gravity-Powered Sorting Machine Observation results

The alpha science classroom believes that children are unlikely to build a machine that can function perfectly in the first attempt. In particular, some smaller marbles may roll too fast on the fence when resting on the flat side of the popsicle stick, and never fall into one of the holes, so they will get entangled in the wrong cup. You can solve this problem in several ways. Children can increase the length of the grate to increase the chance of small marbles falling from the holes. Children can also tilt the popsicle or place it on the edge so that the "flat" side is not horizontal, so the smaller marble will always roll towards the hole. Children can place other popsicle sticks vertically on the rest of the grate as an obstacle to make the marble bounce back when it rolls down, which in turn increases the chance of the small popsicles falling from the hole. After improving the grate, children should be able to create a machine that can perfectly sort marbles of all sizes. It will also help if you pour the beads slowly into the machine instead of dumping them all at once.

The children made the gravity sorting machine is not very magical, they tell different sizes and types of marbles classification, for us to save a lot of time. Today, the physical science experiment activity of Alpha Science Classroom was successful. Do kids like this amazing kid's science experiment? Pay attention to Alpha Science Classroom.

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