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Alpha science classroom:Make a water siphon

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The lawn and flowers are watered every day in the summer. Do the children know why the water comes out of the hose? Today, Alpha Science Classroom taught the children how to Make a water siphon through a simple kid's science experiment activity, let the children understand the knowledge of water siphon and gravity, understand the meaning of real physical science experiment activity.

Alpha science classroom: Make a water siphon Items Needed

  • 2 clear containers to hold water

  • Stand to elevate one container

  • Flexible tubing (clear if possible)

  • Water (or any safe liquid)

  • Tape Measure (optional)

  • Food coloring (optional)

Alpha Science Classroom: Make a water siphon step

Step 1. First, children fill both reservoirs with water. Fill the upper reservoir with 2/3 of the water. Fill the lower water tank with 1/3 of the water.

Set up a siphon experiment. A tape measure is used to measure the difference in water level (potential energy).

Step 2. Children put the upper reservoir on the stand and lift it above the lower reservoir.

Step 3. If needed, children add food coloring to the upper tank. Food coloring helps to show that water enters the pipe.

Add food coloring (if needed) to the upper reservoir to allow children to see the water better.

Step 4. Children need to fill the pipe with water. Seal the ends with your thumbs.

Fill the pipe with water or any liquid you want to siphon.

Step 5. Children put the tube in the upper reservoir first and then lift the center of the tube upwards. Make sure that the upper pipe is placed underwater. In addition, make sure that the tube is not against the side of the liquid tank to avoid obstructing the flow. Place the other end of the tube into the lower reservoir. This end does not need to be placed underwater. Release your thumb from the end of the siphon.

Before releasing the thumb to allow the water to flow upward, immerse the uphill side of the siphon tube underwater.


Step 6. Children carefully observe that the water flows uphill from the upper reservoir into the siphon, and then flows out to the lower reservoir.

Alpha Science Classroom: Making a Water Siphon Science Principle

Alpha science classroom tells the children that the siphon seems to be able to suck up water without any power or energy. The siphon can absorb water, but the energy comes from potential energy. If the weight of the lower part of the siphon is heavier than the upper part of the siphon, this is all the work required to move the water from the upper reservoir to the lower reservoir. The potential energy difference between the top surface of the upper tank and the top surface of the lower tank provides the energy required to move the water.

The children finished the kids science experiment carefully, did they feel the charm and fun of science? This shows that Alpha Science Classroom's interesting Make A Water Siphon physical science experiment was a great success. Of course, kids can explore more of the mysteries of water siphoning in the garden and become the most powerful water wizards.

Alpha Science Toys has also prepared many physical science experiment kits for children to explore more interesting physical science knowledge and grow up happily.


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