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Alpha science classroom: Make A Penny Spinner

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Gyro is one of the favorite toys for children, so do children know the scientific knowledge and principles of the gyro? Today, the alpha science classroom teaches children how to make penny gyroscopes. Through this interesting children's physical science experiments activity, children can unlock the scientific mystery of gyroscope rotation and have different fun in kid's science experiments activity.

Alpha Science Classroom: Making a penny spinner, materials needed

  • Paper plate

  • Round cups

  • pencil

  • ruler

  • Marker

  • Scissors

  • Pennies

  • Paper templates

Alpha Science Classroom:Making a penny spinner, a step-by-step tutorial

Step 1: First, the children trace a circle on the outside of the cup with a pen. Then cut out the circle.

Step 2: Then, children use a ruler to find the center of the circle, mark it with a pen, place the ruler over the center of the circle, and draw a line to form two halves.

Step 3: The children then turn the circle and draw another line on it to form the quarters.

Step 4. Children draw two more lines in the center of each quarter to form an eighth.

Step 5. Children use markers to color each eighth or draw a pattern on each section.

Step 6: Children cut a slit in the center of the circle that is slightly smaller than a penny. Push the penny out of the slit.


Step 7: Hold the penny with your fingers and rotate the penny spinner on a flat surface.

Alpha Science Classroom:Making a penny spinner, scientific principles

Alpha science classroom tells kids that the simplest answer is that something in motion includes spinning and will keep spinning unless there is a force acting on it. Although the penny spinner does not spin at a small point, it still bears a resemblance to a traditional gyroscope in that it uses something called conservation of angular momentum to keep spinning.

The spinner or gyro rotates around an invisible axis and will continue to do so until some sort of friction is applied. Eventually, the friction between the spinning disk and the surface slows down, the rotation becomes wobbly, and the gyro flips over and comes to a stop!".

Children's simplest penny gyroscope, the choice of the same as plastic toys, this is the charm of kid's science experiments, I believe that children have seen the many wonders of children's physical science experiments, children can follow us, together to explore more interesting physical science mysteries, to become the most powerful physical scientists.

Alpha science toys also prepared many amazing children's physical science experiment kits for children, a variety of amazing physical movement principles, for children to bring the fun at the same time, to learn the scientific principles of which to discover more scientific mysteries.


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