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Alpha science classroom: Magic physics toy to relieve the pressure from US kids

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-13      Origin: Site

                                                                        Delivery time: On March 13, 2021                  Destination:America           

                                                                        Product Type:physics toys                              Product Quantity:5000 sets, 5100cases,

                                                                        Export Port:  Qing Dao, China                         Mode of Transport:Shipping

Kids' education toys as the best tools for kids to learn and relieve the pressure are popular among children and parents all over the world. With high-quality education, the USA has high recognition and favor for educational toys for kids. Recently, Alpha science toys factory receive an order from a US toy brand. It is about customized physics toys with 5000pcs. Hope it can bring happiness and relieve the pressure to USA kids.

Alpha science toys factory has worked with US toy brands for many years. Both of us have a high similar recognition about educational toys for kids. After receiving the order, alpha science toys made a production plan per the customer’s requirement. The plan was confirmed later after a video conference between alpha science toys and the US toy brands.


When ordering the raw material, purchasing dept in the alpha science toys factory will implement US toy safety standards strictly. R&D team screens small parts to choose the safe raw material. In this way, the products can be met the customer’s requirement. After getting the safety report from a famous testing company, the product's standard has been confirmed.

Production dept in alpha science toys factory carries on the strict disinfection sterilization on the production line, workshop, equipment used for physics toys. It can ensure product safety and health.  In the production process of kids' physics toys, QA and team leader in alpha science toys factory do a strict inspection. The productions have been completed on time, also the product quality was ensured as well.

When the productions are finished, QA and customer representative in the alpha science toys factory conducted the inspection, especially carton drop to ensure that the product will not be damaged during transit.

Alpha science toys factory completed the order for the US toy brand on time and hope it can bring science fun for US kids in the special period. These products also can relieve their pressure and hope they can grow up healthy. As a great toy manufacturer, the alpha science toys factory will continue to improve the research and development, and production capacity of kids' educational toys in the future. Also, we will work with toy brands from all over the world deeply to develop more products. Hope more kids can enjoy kids' educational toys.


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