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Alpha science classroom:Magic Balancing Utensil Children's Physical Science Experiment

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When children cross a single-log bridge, they will always feel unable to walk as if they were on the road. There is a kind of tendency to fall to the left and right, which is the reason for gravity.But when children watch tightrope walking in the circus, why can the person on the tightrope walk so smoothly? This is because they have mastered the magic of balancing the center of gravity! Today, Alpha Science Classroom will help children understand the mystery of the most interesting center of gravity change science experiments, and become the most powerful physics wizard through simple children's physics science experiments.


Alpha Science Classroom: Materials required for Balancing Utensils

  • Two forks

  • Toothpick

  • Glass of water

Step 1: The children first push up the two central teeth of the fork a little bit. (This is maybe not the best choice for heavy or expensive tableware; the cheaper the better.)

Step 2: Children need to push the fork and spoon together so that the bowl of the spoon is below the two central tines but above the outer two tines of the fork. This is useful if the fork and spoon are about the same weight.

Step 3: This step requires children to practice. Balance the cutlery on your fingertips to find the middle point. This is where the toothpicks should be inserted between the cutlery. Insert the toothpick into the tines of the fork.


Step 4: The children put the toothpicks on the edge of the glass carefully. Slowly slide it into or out of the rim until you find the best balance point. Both handles will bend down below the edge of the glass, and the toothpicks will be almost horizontal.

Once the children have mastered the method, you can show off!

Alpha science classroom tells the children about the physical science experiment knowledge of the balance vessel, when the center of gravity of any object is the point where the object can be balanced, it is as if all the masses are concentrated or gathered at that point. In other words, this is the point where the object is balanced from left to right, front to back, and up and down. The center of gravity in the balance fork is directly below where the toothpick is placed on the edge of the glass. Observe carefully, the children will find that the fork handle is located under the toothpick. Therefore, the center of gravity is located directly below the balance point of the toothpick (called the pivot point). The center of gravity is actually suspended in the air, and the forks are balanced front and back, left and right, top and bottom! Do the children understand the scientific knowledge in it?

Today, Alpha Science Classroom allows children to understand the scientific knowledge of the center of gravity through the simple Balancing Upholders physical science experiment activity. Children can explore more scientific activities about the center of gravity through this simple children's science experiment and become the most powerful balance wizard.

Alpha Science Toys contains much magical science magic, and children can choose their favorite physical science experiment activities to explore the larger world of science!



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