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Alpha science classroom: Lift Water with an Archimedes Screw

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Children, please imagine no electricity and water pipes, so how to flow the water up? This problem, in ancient times, had been solved by a man named Archimedes. So how did he do it? Today, the alpha science classroom uses simple materials to manually make the Archimedes Screw, together with the children. Through this children's physical science experiment activity, let the children understand the scientific mystery and feel the charm of kids science experiments.

Alpha Science Classroom: Use Archimedes spiral ascendant to make materials

  • PVC pipe (at least 1 inch in diameter and at least 1 foot in length)

  • Clear vinyl tubing (at least 1/4 inch in diameter and at least 2 feet long; these materials can be found in many hardware stores)

  • adhesive tape

  • Scissors

  • Two water containers

  • Two items used to lift one of the containers, such as small boxes or extra containers

  • A workspace that can tolerate overflow

  • Adult helper

  • Cloth towel for cleaning up spills (optional)

  • Food coloring (optional)

  • PVC pipes of different diameters and lengths (optional)

  • Vinyl pipes of different diameters (optional)

Alpha science classroomLift Water with an Archimedes Screw Prepare

First, the children used tape to connect one end of the vinyl pipe to one end of the PVC pipe. Make sure that the opening of the pipe is open (and not blocked by tape).

Then, the children wound the pipe tightly around the pipe in a spiral shape.

Finally, the children used tape to connect the pipe to the other end of the pipe, again being careful not to block the opening of the pipe.

Ask an adult to cut off the excess pipe with scissors.

If necessary, use additional duct tape to evenly space the pipe along the length of the pipe.

Alpha science classroom: Lift Water with an Archimedes Screw production program

Step 1: First, children fill a container with water. Alternatively, you can add food coloring to make the water easier to see when it is in the pipe. At the same time, lift the second (empty) container so that it is higher than the first container.

Step 2: children put one end of the Archimedes screw into the lower container and align the other end with the upper container.

step 3:  children will rotate the screw so that the bottom end of the tube "scoops" the water each time it rotates. It should go underwater and then return to the surface every time it rotates, rather than being completely submerged in the water all the time. If you do not see the pipe start to fill up with water after a few turns, it may be that the screw is rotating in the wrong direction. When you look at your screws from the side, what do you see? How is the water in the water pipe distributed?


Step 4: The children continue to rotate the screws and watch the water move up to a higher container!

Try different ways of using Archimedes screws. How high can you lift the water? Lift the upper container and tilt the screw upwards at a steeper angle. Have you reached the point where the water starts to flow back into the pipe instead of upwards?

Extra: try different designs of Archimedes screws. What happens if you change the pitch of the pipe spirals to make the individual turn closer or farther? What happens if the diameter of the PVC pipe or pipe is changed?

Alpha Science Class: Using Archimedes Spiral to Lift Water Observations and Results

Alpha science classroom doesn't know the children, do you understand how the Archimedes spiral manages to move the water upwards? When you bend the tube into a spiral shape, it will form separate bags, because both sides of the tube are bent upwards, so water may be trapped in these bags. If you look at your screws from the side, you will see that these pockets are filled with water. When you rotate the screw, it will alternately capture the air and water bags, and each bag will move up to the upper container with the screw. If you tilt the screw up too steeply, eventually one side of each pocket will point downhill, allowing the water to flow back. This is the easiest to see if you erect the pipe vertically-notice how the water is "trapped" without running down.

Alpha science classroom believes that the children, through this interesting kid's science experiment, have learned the Archimedes Screw method, draining water from the low to above. This great physical tool device, which is still widely used, has become the best case for kid’s physical science experiments, and it also has a lot of different ways that children can even try to change the screw design to understand how to make it lift water faster! Children can explore more different angles.

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