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Alpha science classroom: Kids Science Experiment Magic Hot Ice

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Children like cartoons full of ice and snow magic, especially like the Disney film Frozen. Kids' little dream is to have a snow castle. Alpha science toys know best that kids like science experiments for kids with magical elements, especially the magical chemistry experiment which is a favorite subject for kids! Today Alpha science classroom will do special and simple science experiments for kids-Hot Ice with kids, just use the white vinegar and baking soda. This simple operation is sure to make the kids enjoy the fun science experiments for kids!

DIY hot ice materials

Alpha science classroom:Magic Hot Ice materials

1. 4 cups white vinegar (acetic acid)

2. 4 tablespoons baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)

3. A soup pot

4. Glass measuring cup or bottle (thermal safety glass)

5. A stainless steel plate

6. A spoon

Alpha science classroom:How to Make Magic Hot Ice

Step 1: Kids take turns taking out 4 cups of vinegar and pour it into the pot. 

Step 2: Kids take turns adding 4 tablespoons of baking soda to the pot slowly, one tablespoon at a time. As they expected, the hissing sound came out because of the mix of vinegar and baking soda together. The key is to add baking soda slowly so that it doesn't squirt out around the edge of the pot.

Step 3: Drop into three drops of blue pigment, and then stir the mixture until all the baking soda dissolves and stops foaming.

Step 4: Bring the stirred mixture to a boil (this stepkid can let the parents finish for you because this step needs the kitchen machine), because there are too much water and the mixture, so we boiled it with medium heat for over an hour in the kitchen. You may want to reduce the solution by about 75% until you have about 3 / 4 cups. Kids will see the white powder

crystals forming on the walls of the pot near the top. 

Tips: If in the high temperature, it will turn to yellowish-brown. But don’t worry about it. The science experiments for kids are still possible.

Step 5: Pour the concentrated solution into the cup, and cool it in the refrigerator. Parents can help kids in this step!

Step 6: Kids can contain some white powder crystals in the pot when it becoming cool under the help of parents. After about 30-45 minutes, the solution cooled enough to turn to ice.

Step 7: Put some and white powder crystals in the stainless steel plate, and use it as a seed for the crystals.

Step 8: Removed the cold solution from the refrigerator carefully, and it is still liquid. Take care of it because it will be changed under any turbulence.

Then next, I asked them what would happen if the liquid was poured on the plate with crystal powder. They thought that it will only fill up like water. I started pouring very slowly, crystal formation begins immediately. How magical it is! It’s so unbelievable!

Step 9: As soon as the transparent liquid touches the plate, white crystals form like tiny fireworks. The kids want to make a tall crystal tower, so I poured it down as slowly as I can. and it kept growing up, and then over 6 inches tall! Absolutely, when we touch it, hard as the ice, but hot.

Noted that: crystal tower is a little bit sharp for kids’ skin and eyes, so be careful about it for kids.

Alpha science classroom:DIY hot ice-science experiments for kids

Alpha science classroom:The science behind the magic of hot ice

Alpha science toys want to let kids know that the sodium acetate solution in a refrigerator is called a supercooled liquid. It means that sodium acetate is liquid, below its usual melting point, once touched, bumped, or added to small crystals, the liquid crystal will not start to crystallize, and the liquid will become solid. When the molecules in the solution, it will like the water, but it will break into later, if there are enough molecules, they will be crystal. Crystallized sodium acetate releases energy in the form of heat, I's an example of an exothermic process. This is often be used in hand warmers because it releases heat as it crystallizes

Children will be funny about this magical hot ice science experiments for kids, do the children understand the science behind the experiments? Please repeat this exciting science experiments for kids to inspire the love of science in your children!

If your kids are interested in science experiments, parents can take him into Alpha science toys will select educational science toys for kids, it will help kids to learn more about the magic science, and help them to become a knowledgeable scientist.


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