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Alpha science classroom:kid's Science Experiment-Disappearing Color Wheel

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Colors are very important to humans, they can enrich our lives, and the color wheel is usually used to explain the relationship between different colors. In this way, the artist can know which colors work well with each other and how to mix paint to produce more colors. Do children know why the rainbow disappears when it meets the light? Today, in the Alpha Science Classroom, through the kid's science experiment activities of disappearing color wheel, what happens when the children rotate the wheel with 6 colors? Alpha science classroom uses this simple optical science experiment to unlock the scientific mystery of colors for children.

Alpha Science Classroom: Material requirements for making the disappearing color wheel

1 white paper plate

Cereal bowl or coffee can lid

Markers, crayons, or colored pencils: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.



Thumbtack or push pin

Pencil with eraser


Be sure to have an adult supervise the project any time there are sharp objects involved!

Alpha Science Classroom: The steps to make a disappearing color wheel that fade away

Step 1: The children use a cereal bowl or plastic cover to draw a circle on the paper plate.

Step 2: The children draw a straight line with a pencil, and the ruler touches the circle and extends to the edge of the cardboard. Do this again on the other side of the circle so that the lines intersect near the top of the board. Then, perform the same operation and draw two straight lines on each side of the intersecting circle at the bottom of the circle. Now, align the ruler with the left and right intersection and lightly draw a one-inch line at the center of the circle. Then, align the ruler with the intersection of the top and bottom, and lightly draw a 1-inch line at the center of the circle. The place where two short, thin lines intersect is the center of the circle! Place a point here and delete one of the shorter light-colored lines inside the circle.

Step 3: Children draw straight lines on the circle to form six equal parts: place the ruler on the remaining straight lines, align with the intersecting straight lines again, and then draw straight lines to extend from the center of the circle to the edge of the circle. Place the 0-degree mark of the protractor (not the 0-inch mark, but the 0-degree mark of the protractor) on the center point and place the straight edge along a straight line. Find 60 degrees on the curved edge and specify a point on the outside of the circle. Use a straight edge to draw a straight line between the center point and the 60-degree point. Similarly, place the 0-degree mark on the center point, align the edge of the straight line with the line you just created, and then draw a point outside the arc at a 60-degree angle. Repeat until you divide the line into six equal parts.

Step 4: Children color each part: select the part to start, and then color it purple. Then, move to the next part and paint it blue. Surround the circle with green, yellow, orange, and red in sequence.


Step 5: The children cut out circles with scissors, and install the color wheel on the pencil eraser. Use a pushpin or pushpin to make a hole in the center of the color wheel, and then paste it into the eraser.

Finally, the children put the pencils on the edge of the table, and the color wheel hung on the edge. Push and rotate the pencil as fast as possible with the palm of your hand, then watch the color wheel turn white!

Alpha Science Classroom: The Science Principles of the Disappearing Color Wheel

The alpha science classroom tells the children that light is made up of all the colors in the rainbow. When light hits a colored object, most of the object will be absorbed, and only one color will be reflected. For example, a red object absorbs almost all the spectrum of light and only reflects red. When the color wheel rotates, the colors change faster than the various colors your eyes see and send the signal to your brain, so the reflections of all the colors are mixed together and you will see white light!

Hi, my sweet kids. Have you understood the scientific mystery of why the color wheel disappeared? Then, the Disappearing Color Wheel kid's science experiment in the alpha science classroom is a success. The combination of color and light will give people the most special visual enjoyment. Children who want to learn more about the activities of optical science experiments could go to alpha science toys. Choose a suitable kid's science experiment toy set, explore more about the mystery of optics, and become the most powerful optician. 


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