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Alpha science classroom:Inverted Balloon in a Bottle

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As the weather starts to change from hot to cold, the environment changes as well, and children are always full of many curiosities and questions about such weather changes. Today Alpha Science Classroom uses balloons in a bottle upside down, a fun natural experiments, to explain to children the effects of cold air and hot air, on the surrounding environment and weather. This is a simple and quick kid's science experiment activity that helps children learn the science involved and enjoy the fun that science brings.

Alpha Science Classroom: Inverted balloons in a bottle, materials needed

  • Plastic bottle

  • Bowl

  • Balloons

  • Water

  • Ice cubes

Alpha Science Lesson: Steps to experiment with inverted balloons in a bottle

Step 1: First, your child needs to heat some water to make it hot. I put it in the microwave for about 2.5 minutes. (Parents can help with this step)

Step 2: The children fill the plastic bottles with hot water and let them sit for a minute.

Step 3: Children, pour the water out of the bottles, pull the balloons over the top of the bottles, and observe.


Step 4: Children put the hot pot into a bowl of ice water and observe. The air in the bottle cools and contracts, causing the air outside to be drawn in. The balloon is pulled in and expands in the bottle.

Alpha Science Classroom Tip: If the balloon is hanging off to the side, you may need to lift/straighten the balloon to help it.

Alpha Science Lesson: The Science of Inverted Balloons in a Bottle

Alpha Science Classroom reveals to children the secret that water in a bottle turns into steam when it is boiled. This water vapor or steam pushes the air out of the bottle.

As it cools, the balloon stretches over the opening and the water vapor condenses and turns back into liquid water. This creates a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the glass bottle.

The balloon under the pressure is constantly changing in size, like magic. I believe that children, through this children's natural experiments activity, can experience the magic of nature and enjoy the magic that science brings, thus loving kid's science experiment activities more and becoming the most powerful scientists.

Alpha Science Toys also prepared a lot of interesting natural  experiment kits for children, with different green scientific phenomena, to create a vibrant world full of no more for the children.


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