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Alpha science classroom: Ice Cube vs Wire science experiment

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The ice cubes are very hard for children and cannot be broken down. They can only wait for the ice cubes to melt. Today, the alpha science classroom uses Ice Cube vs. Wire to show children the magic of children's physical science experiments. At the same time, through this simple winter science experiment project, children can witness the power of science. Thus, let children learn knowledge and fun through kid's science experiments activities, and grow up happily.

  Alpha science classroom: Ice Cube vs Wire,Materials you'll need

  • ice cubes

  • wire (thin)

  • scissors

  • weights (2, we used 2 filled 2-liter soda bottles)

  • tray (thin)

  • felt

  • stools (2)

Alpha Science Classroom: Ice Cube vs Line Science Experiment, Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1: First, the children carefully use scissors to cut a piece of wire about 18 inches long. Wrap one end of the wire around a heavy object. Wrap the other end of the wire around another heavy object.

Step 2: Children can use soda bottles as weights. Please make sure that the bottles are filled with water to ensure sufficient weight.

Step 3: The children place the two stools about 6 inches away from each other. Then, turn the tray upside down to balance.

Step 4: The children put the felt on the top of the tray to collect the water that accumulates when the ice cubes melt. Then, put ice cubes on the felt.

Step 5: The children carefully put the metal wire on top of the ice cubes so that the heavy objects are suspended on both sides of the tray. Guess how long it takes for the wire to cut to the bottom of the ice cube!


Step 6: If the children want to see the wire passing through the ice cube, place the wire toward the side of the cube. But don't get too close to the edge, or your ice cubes may fall off!

Step 7: The children carefully watch the wires magically pass through the ice cubes! Timing! Did you guess right?

Alpha Science Classroom: Ice Cubes vs Line Science Experiments Principles

Have the children been to or seen a glacier? They are huge blocks of ice that can be found on the extreme north and extreme south of the earth and on some very high mountain tops. They are so big and deep that the ice at the bottom melts under the pressure of all the ice above,

Just like today, the alpha science classroom is the same as in the children's physical science experiments. That thin layer of pressure-melted water allows glaciers to slide and move, carving huge valleys on the earth as they move.

A weighted thread will pass through the ice cube, but somehow keep the ice cube intact after it passes. This sounds like the magic of sawing an assistant in half, but there is nothing magical about it! This is all about the weird physics of water.

The alpha science classroom tells children that the first quirk of water physics is that, unlike most other solids, ice has a smaller density than water. When ice is under pressure, as if it is pressed by a thick thread, it becomes a denser form. This denser form is liquid water. So when the ice is pressed too tightly, it will melt! Little by little, the wire melts in the ice, turning a small layer into the water, sinking into the water, and then continuing to press down.

But when the wires finally come to an end, you hardly know what happened—the ice cubes are still solid! This happens because of another quirk of water physics called "circulation." Due to pressure, ice will melt into water, but once the pressure disappears, any ice above or around it will cool it back to freezing point. Essentially, the ice refreezes behind the wires. As you watch this experiment, see if you can see the difference between the ice behind the wire and the rest of the ice cube.

Do the children understand? Today, children in the Alpha Science Classroom use ice cubes vs Wire science experiments to tell them that science not only allows us to learn knowledge but also allows us to learn how to use scientific thinking and methods to solve problems and impossible tasks. This is the purpose of kid's science experiments activities, to help children quickly learn more interesting scientific knowledge and grow into the smartest scientists!

alpha science toys specially designed many interesting children's physics science kits for children, hoping to help children explore more interesting physical phenomena, learn the knowledge among them, and become the fastest little scientist.


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