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Alpha science classroom: How to test the strength of shapes

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In life, our houses and tables have different shapes. Why can they bear different loads? Today, Alpha Science Classroom uses paper for this simple children's physical science experiment, learn how to test the ability of different shapes to withstand different forces by making their own shapes with the children. Children brainstorm for this challenging kid's science experiment to explore the wonders of physical science and engineering.

Alpha science classroom: How to test the strength of shapes prepare materials

  • Paper

  • adhesive tape

  • Weight books

Alpha science classroom: How to test the strength of shapes

Step 1: Children need to brainstorm some different shapes, such as circles, squares, hearts, and triangles.

Step 2: The children do it by folding several pieces of paper in half lengthwise.

Step 3: The children roll, fold, and bend each paper into a different shape.


Step 4: Children stack one book at a time on the top of each shape (place books of different weights).

Step 5: Children can brainstorm and try as many different shapes as possible!

alpha science classroom: children to complete the following questions

1. Which shape has the most books on it?

2. How does paper thickness affect performance?

3. How does the number of sides of a shape affect performance?

4. Does it matter how the children glue the paper together?

5. Does it matter if the paper overlaps at the seam?

6. What shape will the children use to support the tower?

7. What shapes in the structural support did the children notice?

Alpha Science Class: The scientific principles behind the strength of shapes

The alpha science class tells children that certain shapes are stronger than others in different applications. When the gas or liquid is under pressure in all directions, the sphere is a very strong shape. When force is applied to the tip, the triangle is a powerful shape because it can distribute the load to the bottom edge. Engineers use shapes such as triangles to support the huge weight of structures such as buildings and bridges. There is also evidence that powerful shapes exist in nature. The cylindrical shape of some of our load-bearing bones and the shape of tree trunks are examples.

Which shapes are the most powerful for children? Children can continue to test and use brainstorming to develop more shapes to get the answer! Today, the Alpha Science Classroom--a physical science experiment to test shape strength is finished. I believe that children must have learned the knowledge. This simple kid's science experiment can not only teach children how to think, but also test their hands-on ability and problem-solving ability. That's the power and charm of science. Keep exploring for more!

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