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Alpha science classroom: How to make shadow puppets

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Alpha science classroom learns about: when Children are quick to learn the art of creating shadows on the walls with their hands. They will fall in love with this activity that is both full of innocent magic, Absolutely yes. You see, shadow puppets allow children to be the creators instead of the audience. With shadow puppetry, Children can also experiment with light and filters, engineer articulated puppets, and even film their own shadow puppet cartoons. Shadow puppets are just the right kind of toy for any young artists, writers, directors, or animators.

Today, Alpha Science Classroom used a simple shadow playmaking method to unlock the scientific mystery of light and shadow for children and make them fall in love with this simple science experiment activity of light and shadow.


Alpha Science Classroom: The best materials for making shadow puppets

  • 80-90 pounds of black paper

  • The stick of a marionette.

  • Doll template

  • Nail clipper

  • scissors

  • Paper knife

  • Adhesive tape

Alpha science classroom: Steps to make shadow puppets

1.Choose what type of puppets you want. How about your favorite animal? Or is it your favorite fairy tale character?

2.Draw outlines for your puppets on the cardboard and cut them out.

3.Children use Sellotape to attach a string to the back of each of your puppets and then string sticks into it to make shadow puppets

4.Children put the lamp on the floor or on a table. Point it at the wall and turn it on. Turn off other lights and close the curtains.

5.Hold your puppets between the light and the wall. Can you see a shadow on the wall? Move the puppets between the light and the wall to make the shadow different sizes.

6.The children can begin to interpret the plot according to the fairy tale, and with the help of their parents, shoot the process and make it into a fairy tale movie, becoming the best director. Or the children can play it for their families at the Christmas family party and let everyone enjoy the puppet fairy tale movie made by the children together.


Alpha science classroom:Science experimental principles of shadow puppet

Alpha science toys told children: Light travels as a wave. When you put your shadow puppet in between the lamp and the wall, the puppet blocks some of the light waves.

The closer you put your shadow puppet to the lamp, the more light waves are blocked. This makes a bigger shadow. Moving the shadow puppet away from the lamp makes a smaller shadow as fewer light waves are blocked. Did you know? A lunar eclipse is the Earth casting a shadow on the moon!

Well, today the light and shadow science experiment in the alpha science classroom is over. I hope this simple shadow puppet can bring happiness to children and at the same time allow them to learn scientific knowledge.

Parents who want to help children learn more scientific knowledge, can go to the alpha science toys website to choose suitable science toys for kids, give them a miraculous journey of light and shadow, and let them unlock more scientific mysteries!


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