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Alpha science classroom: How to Make Limewater

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What is Limewater? what can help humans do? The answer lies in the children's chemistry experiment activities in Alpha Science Classroom.  Today, Alpha Science Classroom teaches kids how to make limewater, use simple materials, and explore fun kids' science experiments to unlock the mysteries of chemistry.  

Alpha Science Class: How to make the materials needed for lime water

  • 1.1 teaspoon calcium hydroxide (slaked lime)

  • 2.1 can of distilled water

  • 3. bilingual

Alpha Science Lesson: How to Make LimeWater Steps to Prepare

Step 1: First, children pour 1 teaspoon of slaked lime into a jar filled with water and put a lid on the jar.

Step 2: The children started to shake the jar happily and thoroughly.

Step 3: After the children shake for a minute or two, let the mixture sit for 24 hours.


Step 4: After the children wait for the resting time of the mixture to complete, pour the solution into another container. Do not stir the precipitate vigorously.

Step 5:The more transparent solution must be stored in a clean bottle or jar until the next use.

Alpha science classroom tells the children. If an excessive amount of calcium hydroxide is added, the solution will appear milky white due to suspended calcium hydroxide particles.

Alpha Science Class: What is limewater?

The alpha science classroom tells the children that there are two types of lime water. The first one is natural. It is water that contains higher than normal amounts of calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate. The second is artificial: "lime milk". It is a solution made of lime, which is acted upon (or digested) by water. Lime itself is a white solid compound of calcium and oxygen. It is made of burning limestone (a "stone" mainly made of calcite), shells, and bones.

What can lime water do?

1. Lime water can be used for cooking. When making tortillas, it is used to soak corn. In this process, vitamin B and the amino acid tryptophan are released. Soaking in lime water can also cause the core to peel off.

2. Lime water is used as a color solvent in murals. The painting is done on wet plaster using pigments dissolved in lime water.

3. Creatures in coral tanks consume calcium in the water. Lime water is added to the water tank to restore the lost calcium.

4. It’s also used to make soft water from hard water.

5. Finally, It can also be used to bleach products, everything from stone to human hair.

Originally, lime water has so many functions, the children learn the knowledge of it?  Well, today's alpha Science Classroom children's chemistry experiment activity is completed, children learned how to make limewater, can use the made limewater for more interesting children's science experiment activities, learn more about the scientific mystery of chemistry, become the most powerful chemical magician. 

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