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Alpha science classroom:How to make Lemon Volcano?

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The colorful and sweet smell of science experiment for kids, in the family playtime, become one of the children's favorite activities, Alpha science classroom come with the children today, make a colorful sweet science experiment for kids-Lemon Volcano, with the children to experience the magic phenomenon of chemical experiments, let the children experience the charm of science.

Alpha science classroom:the materials needed to make the lemon volcano

Lemon Volcano raw material-science experiments for kids

1.Lemon (Two lemons are recommended)

2.Baking soda

3.Liquid watercolor or food coloring

4.Stir stick

5. Dishwashing agent


7.Cup and spoon

Alpha science classroom: the process of making the lemon volcano

Step 1:(Need adult help) Slice the lemon in half to make it smooth. Then the other lemon in the head with a knife to dig out part of the pulp, to make volcanic.

Step 2: Prepare additional lemon juice by cutting the second lemon in half and juicing it. Pour the lemon juice into the glass and put it aside for standby.

Step 3: The children put the complete lemon on the tray. The children paste the center of the lemon with a stir bar and make sure the juice is in the lemon!

Alpha science classroom-Lemon Volcano made

Step 4: Children put a few drops of food coloring or liquid watercolor pens (do not dilute) in the center of the lemon.

Step 5: Add the proper amount of dishwashing agent to lemon. This effect will allow the bubble to seep out, the longer the bubble will be more.

Step 6: Add a small spoonful of baking soda to the lemon. It should start hissing. Pick up the stir bar and stir the lemon and baking soda. When stirring, it should start to really foam!

Step 7: To continue the Lemon Volcanic reaction, add more baking soda, pigment, dishwashing agent, and reserved lemon juice to the reaction. Squeezing lemon to release juice can also enhance the reaction.

Advice: Children can use two lemons to carry out this science experiment for kids together, can obtain a different effect!

Alpha science classroom:the science behind the lemon volcano

Alpha educational science toys tell the children about the science behind the magical scientific phenomenon in the science experiment for kids of the lemon volcano. Lemon juice contains a lot of citric acids, citric acid mixed with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) will react to produce carbon dioxide and sodium citrate, resulting in mixed liquid foaming. Citric acid is a common food additive used as a preservative and flavoring agent in soft drinks.

Did the children learn science in it? A sweet and colorful lemon volcano gives children a special sensory experience but also makes them feel the charm of scientific knowledge. Alpha science toys think that children need to carry out different science experiments for kids and learn different scientific knowledge and phenomena in the process of growing up, which can improve the building of children's different abilities and is the most important learning experience in the process of children's growth. Alpha science toys children's educational science toys, with different disciplines of children's educational science toys, help children learn different scientific knowledge, want children to experience different science experiments for kids, quickly to the Alpha educational science toys scientific world to choose the favorite toys!


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