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Alpha science classroom:How to make edible jelly figure toy

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On special occasions, when children are bored at home, parents can find interesting science experiments for kids for children and let them relax through the fun of science.

Sensory function is the first thing that children develop in their growth stage. Alpha Science Classroom called an interesting science experiments for kids project for children today, which is DIY jelly figure toy.

It wobbles, wobbles, wobbles.

Kids can make endless rainbows and even add their favorite smells or toys.

What are multipurpose substances?Jelly!

It's a great scientific experiment for young children, preschoolers, and even school-age children -- and it's popular at all ages!


Alpha science classroom:Things you need to create your jelly figure toy.

Large Bowl

1 litre boiling water

4 teaspoons of powdered gelatine (or just following the directions on the packet you have)

Food colouring, optional


Baking dish or tray

Small waterproof toys


Alpha Science Classroom: Steps for making DIY jelly figure toys

Step 1: please let Children pour boiling water into a large bowl (parents can help) carefully .

add food coloring to large bowls.

Sprinkle the gelatin in a bowl and whisk the mixture quickly.

Keep stirring until all the gelatins are removed.

Step 2: Pour the jelly mixture into a baking pan or pan.

Place waterproof toys in the jelly mixture, then place jelly dishes in the fridge.

Our platter took about five hours to form, and it was the perfect time to help the mother through this whole difficult time!

Kids can start a new activity - How to play with jelly figure toys

This activity is so versatile! You can keep it as open ended or as structured as you would like. Alpha Science Classroom reminds parents to remember your child's attention span and capabilities. Learning has to be fun rather than a task!

For younger chlidren, simple open-ended exploring and discussing the experience offers so many learning opportunities. It can help develop their comprehension and vocabulary. You can use this opportunity to learn about what they understand about the activity and use this as a foundation to build on their knowledge.


Alpha science classroom:DIY jelly figure toy Educational Benefits

Alpha science toys think Learning through play is the best way! Now, I am not just referring to ABC’s and 123’s but other important developmental skills. ABC’s and 123’s can be incorporated into pretty much any daily task, including science experiments for kids. Here are some other educational benefits that your child could be exposed to while completing their jelly figure rescue

Fine motor skills

Crossing the midline

Cause and effect


Experimental play

Cognitive development


Today's DIY jelly figure toy activity ended in Alpha Science classroom. The children learned the most elementary scientific knowledge in the process of making jelly figure, and also got simple ability cultivation in the process of rescuing jelly figure toy.

Alpha science toys hope to be able to give those who spend the special moment of the children in the home to provide the best learning help, Alpha science toys have very interesting growth jelly figure toolkit toy suit, let the children enjoy more interesting children's scientific experimental activities make Marine animals, want to let the children learn more knowledge of science more ability to cultivate children, the parents might as well to the Alpha science toys for the children to choose suitable for DIY jelly figure kit, help children to become the brightest scientific talent!


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