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Alpha Science Classroom:How To Make DIY Jelly Figure Toys

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The world's oceans cover about 71 percent of the earth's surface. In the vast expanse of the ocean, There are creatures of all shapes and sizes. Children love to go to the underwater world to observe different sea creatures, such as turtles and dolphins, etc., Alpha science classroom would like to do the interesting science experiments to make different ocean lives with children together, children can have their own oceanarium. Imagine the children's joy as they turn the mold into a soft sea kids science toys. Patents can join in the DIY jelly figure toys activity with your children together.

Alpha science classroom:jelly figure toys-science experiments

Alpha science classroom:What we need to prepare firstly to make DIY jelly figure toys

1 Bottle of Red Coloring

1 Bottle of Blue Coloring

1 Bottle of Yellow Coloring

1 Spoon (double-ended, one end is smaller, the other is larger)

1 Pipette

1 Measuring Cup   

4 Marine Life Molds

1 bag of Jelly Growth Powder

1 bag of Jelly Making Powder 


1 Large Bowl

1 Cup

1 Basin (large enough to accommodate any of the marine life molds)

Alpha science classroom:DIY jelly figure toys step by step instruction

1. Measuring 500ml of hot water into the large bowl.

*Adult help will be needed in this step 

2. Add the whole bag of the Jelly Making Powder into the large bowl and stir for 3 minutes with the spoon. Then stir once every hour. You will get your Jelly solution 4 hours later.

3. Take 1L water using the measuring cup and pour it into the basin. Add the bag of Jelly Growth Powder into the basin and stir until it completely dissolves. The Jelly growth liquid which is clear is ready now.

4. Soak the starfish mold in the elf growth liquid for one minute and take it out.

Alpha science classroom:make toyjelly figure toys-science toys

5. Measure 50ml of the Jelly solution into the cup.

6. Put the starfish mold on a flat horizontal surface and add the Jelly solution.

7. Put the starfish mold with Jelly solution into the slightly and slowly.

8. Wait for 10 second and shake the mold gently to release the jell from the mold, then take the mold out. 1 minute later, take the jell out of the elf growth liquid. It is the first elf you made--a starfish.

Moreover, you can challenge your imagination to make elves of various colors using the colorings. In the same way, you can make a shark, a fish or a sea turtle.

Alpha science classroom:Secret in DIY jelly Figure Toys  

Jelly Growth Powder is a kind of white solid powder which is soluble in water and gives off heat when dissolving in water. So, it is often used as a snow-dissolved agent accelerating snow melting after heavy snows to clean snow on roads.

If you want bigger jelly figure toys, just let the starfish swim into the water for a few of hours, they will growth up.

Alpha science toys design scientific toy products for children,Part contains science experiments for children, and part contains beautiful art projects,alpha science toys produce the jelly figure toys to let children create their own jelly toys. The concept is fun, creative and educational, helping children develop their hands and senses.

Today, DIY jelly figure toys from alpha science classroom will be end,Kids and parents make more Jelly Figure sea creatures! For more interesting children's science experiment toy sets, welcome to go to the Alpha Science Toys website to choose more children's science experiment toys of different joy, a variety of children's science experiments, interesting scientific knowledge, give children a happy childhood.


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