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Alpha Science classroom: How to make a waterwheel-required materials

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Kids all know the water wheel, but do kids know how the water wheel work and make? The answer is in our Alpha science classroom. Today, Alpha Science Classroom will teach children to make this interesting kid science experiment activity with the cups and straws which can be easily found at home. Children not only can learn how to make a water wheel with our Alpha Science Classroom but can explore the mystery of physical science experiments.

Alpha Science classroom: How to make a waterwheel-required materials

  • 2 Paper tray

  • straw

  • Tape

  • Small paper cup

Alpha Science classroom: How to Make a Waterwheel Steps

Step 1: First, children poke a hole in the center of the two paper plates, the size of which is the same size as the straw.

Step 2: children taped the four paper cups to the back of the paper tray.

Step 3: children glue the second plate to the other side of the paper cup. Then pass the straw through the hole you made in the plate.

Step 4: Children check to make sure your cup can be rotated on the straw.


Step 5: children firmly hold the waterwheel straw under the slow water flow in the sink, and then watch the action!

Alpha Science classroom: How does the water wheel work?

The alpha science classroom tells the children that a water wheel is a machine that uses the energy of flowing water to turn the wheel. The shaft of the runner can then drive other machines to do work. Waterwheels are usually made of wood or metal, with blades or buckets on the outer edge.

Waterwheels were used as the main source of power to drive large machines in the Middle Ages. Water wheels are used to grind grains into flour, crush rocks, and ultimately provide electricity. It is clean energy, which means it is good for the environment.

The water wheel that made by kids can be work now? That’s very magic, right? The kid science experiment activity are not only contained the physical science experiment, but can bring the fun and the inspiration of science for kids. Alpha Science Classroom want to help children to learn more science knowledge and to be a great scientist when they grow up.

Alpha Science Toys also have many other kinds interesting physical science experiment kit, which can help children to learn more magic physics knowledge and exercise children’s abilities of logical thinking and other multi-abilities. Alpha Science Toy firmly believes that with the company of science experiment toys, children will have a joyful childhood!


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