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Alpha science classroom:How To Make A Solar Oven

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The hot summer day is coming, the summer holiday children like is also coming. even children so like hot summer, do you know the amazing mystery in the sunlight? today Alpha science classroom prepared interesting kids science experiments for children, which can teach kids how to make Solar Oven, explore complex environmental science knowledge with simple material to help kids grow up to be the most powerful little environmental protection guards

Alpha science classroom:How To Make A Solar Oven YOU WILL NEED:

  • S’mores ingredients (marshmallows, Hershey’s bars, and graham crackers)

  • Cardboard pizza box

  • Black construction paper

  • Aluminum foil

  • Plastic wrap

  • Wooden skewer

  • Hot glue/hot glue gun

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Sharpie

Alpha science classroom:HOW TO MAKE A SOLAR OVEN

Step 1. First, children find the ruler on the top edge of the box to leave a uniform square, and carefully cut off the top.

Step 2. children wrap the graph paper with cardboard and then fix the edges with glue.

Step 3.children open the box and paste the black construction paper to the bottom of the box.

Step 4. Children carefully paste a piece of plastic wrap on the inside of the lid.

Step 5. Ask the children to take time to do more things! Place four graham biscuits, three chocolate squares on the black paper, and then put marshmallows on each.Step 6. children carefully close the plastic lid of the box and then glue one side of the foil-wrapped cardboard to the top back of the box.

Step 7. children glue a string on the upper left corner of the aluminum foil-wrapped cardboard and then pass the other end through the plastic wrap to fix the aluminum foil-wrapped cardboard in place.

Step 8.children put the DIY solar oven in the sun and wait for 60 minutes to watch your marshmallows and chocolate melt.


Alpha Science Classroom: Scientific Principles of Solar Oven

The alpha science classroom tells children the scientific basis for the working principle of solar ovens. When heat energy from the sun enters the oven, the aluminum foil in the packaging box reflects light (heat) and concentrates the heat into the oven. When heat (energy) is transferred to the marshmallow, the marshmallow will be cooked during the absorption process. This simple oven can work because cardboard and plastic wrap can isolate the oven. In short, the children have made a small convection oven-the heat is trapped in the oven and flows around the marshmallows to cook them.

Are the marshmallows made by Children using the solar oven very sweet,  we believe that these kids science experiments in the Alpha science classroom not only make children learn more science knowledge but also enjoy the fun of science, which is best charming of kids science experiments, we believe that children have learned environmental science, then go and explore more scientific knowledge 

Alpha science toys have many amazing and fun kids' environmental science kits, children choose their favorite content and learn to be the most environmentally friendly.


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