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Alpha science classroom:How To Make A Paper Helicopter

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Helicopters fly in the sky with spiral wings. Do children know how helicopters fly? Today, the alpha science classroom teaches kids How To Make A Paper Helicopter, let’s us learn about how Helicopters fly and explore the mystery of flying science experiments through simple kid's science experiment activities.

Alpha science classroom:Make A Paper Helicopter Materials

  • Template

  • Construction paper or card stock

  • Paper clips

  • Tape

  • Scissors

Alpha Science Class: Instructions for Making Paper Helicopters

Step 1: First, children will cut paper and draw a guide.

Step 2: Children need to fold part D along the long dotted line

Step 3: Children need to fold part C along the long dotted line

Step 4: Children need to fold part A toward you along the dotted line


Step 5: Children need to fold part B away from you along the dotted line

Step 6: Children fold the bottom edge of part C/D towards you

Step 7: The kids fold the tape over the end of the C/D. I can't help but add a little talent with some decorative tape.

Step 8: Children need to add a paper clip to the end of the tape.

In the final step, the children will take the made paper helicopters and throw them outside, just like throwing a ball or a paper airplane. They should spin to the ground like a helicopter! If you have a two-story space, you can also put them down and watch them rotate.

Alpha Science Classroom: The scientific knowledge behind making a paper helicopter

The alpha science classroom tells children that real helicopters fly by generating lift. Lift is a kind of upward thrust, which is generated when the blades of a helicopter rotate and the air pressure difference is generated on both sides of the blades. The air pressure below the blades is higher, and the air pressure above the blades is lower. This allows the helicopter to take off.

Our paper helicopter does not generate lift or rise, but the upward air force when the blades are falling is the cause of the paper helicopter's rotation. When a paper helicopter falls, the air is pressed against each blade with equal force but in the opposite direction, and the helicopter will rotate.

Ok, now let kids take the paper helicopter and fly into the air! Through this kid's science experiment” How To Make A Paper Helicopter”,  kids will improve their operating ability, and learn about flying science experiment knowledge, let kids’ scientific dreams shine into reality. Now today’s alpha science classroom is coming over, see you next time.

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