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Alpha science classroom: How to Make a Magnetic Field Sensory Bottle

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Man is able to stand on the ground because of the gravitational pull of the earths magnetic field. Alpha science toys believe that the most fascinating and simple science experiments for kids can make children understand science knowledge most quickly. Children can make a magnetic field sensory bottle from simple materials in just a few minutes. Children can discover a lot of science in a magnetic field sensory bottle that the whole family cant stop using it. Alpha science classroom thinks science experiment for kids on magnetic fields are cool. Magnetic ink floating in the water can show the magnetic force of a magnetic field to children. Children come and work with Alpha science toys to make a magnetic field sensory bottle to enjoy the fun of science experiments for kids.

Alpha science toys tip for children: children can not swallow magnets which are very dangerous. Please keep the material of the magnetic field sensory bottle away from food. Parents can help children to make a magnetic field sensory bottle to avoid dangerous behavior in children.

Alpha science classroom-magnet experiments for kids

Alpha science classroom: Magnetic Sensory Bottle Supplies Needed

For the Bottle:

1.MICR magnetic ink printer refill {affiliate}

2.Travel size mouthwash bottle or another clear plastic bottle with child-proof cap (check the drugstore travel aisle)


For the Wand:

1/2″ Neodymium Magnets (at least once, but the more you have the better)

Large straw (bubble tea style)

Colored duct tape 

Alpha science classroom: the steps of Magnetic Sensory Bottle making

Do children know what magnetic ink is? This is the ink used for bank checks so the machine can read them. Do you know the crazy numbers and symbols at the bottom of a check? Those were printed with magnetic inks, most of which contained iron oxide. Today's science experiments for kids are called MICR for magnetic ink character recognition. Do children understand?

1. Empty the mouth wash out of the bottle and rinse well. Remove the labels.

2.add your ink.  If yours came in a squeeze bottle, give it 2-3 squeezes. If it didn’t add about a teaspoon of ink. The stuff is really messed and weirdly sticks to surfaces, so be sure to cover anything you don’t want black.

3. Fill the bottle all the way with water and seal well. If you’re worried about your bottle opening it, you can seal it with a hot glue gun or some duct tape.

4. Shake shakes the bottle well.  In the beginning, the ink particles will stick together and look clumpy.  The more you shake it or the more you use it, the finer they become.

Alpha science classroom- Magnetic Field Sensory Bottle

Finally, children can try to use the magnet to touch the induction bottle. Isn’t that cool? Today’s science experiments for kids class is over. Children can show your magnetic sensory bottle to your friends!

Alpha science classroom: The knowledge of revelation

A magnet is a rock or a piece of metal that can pull certain types of metal toward itself. The force of magnets, called magnetism, is a basic force of nature, like electricity and gravity. Magnetism works over a distance. This means that a magnet does not have to be touching an object to pull it.

Today, the Alpha science classroom is very wonderful, right? Children use the magnet wand to look at the home in which furniture is made of iron. Children can learn more from these science experiments for kids with the help of their parents. Come and be a science wizard!



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