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Alpha Science Classroom:How To Increase Children'S Interest In Stem Subjects

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Over the past few years, governments worldwide have been pushing to get more students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math STEM subjects. In order to better develop science and technology, at the same time reserve scientific and technological talents for different industries. As a professional China educational toy manufacturer, Alpha science toys knows how important STEM TOYS are to children's learning and how critical it is to children's future growth. Therefore, this article is specially written for parents to help parents make Their children interested in STEM, so they will grow up to be the most compelling talents.

Speaking of the importance of STEM for children, we have to give 4 reasons to promote STEM subjects:

The global IT industry As AI advances, the IT industry is also suffering from a shortage of skilled workers as graduates complete degrees without the right skills.

Experts in the tech industry see the shortage of STEM skills as akin to a national crisis. There are not enough students taking these subjects and not enough teachers teaching them.

Many governments believe that if future generations do not have the appropriate level of enthusiasm and skills in STEM careers, many countries will fall behind other developed countries in research and technology.

The digital world is disrupting every industry. Education delivery must change to adapt to our new digitally driven world.

Some Facts About STEM Subjects and Careers

Research from the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows that students with the following STEM degrees: medicine, dentistry, economics, and mathematics tend to earn the highest salaries five years after graduation.

Alpha science toys argue that all things being equal, students who excel in STEM subjects are likely to achieve higher Attainment 8 scores than their peers. One reason is that math is doubly weighted. In addition, students who excel in more than one science subject are likely to achieve better grades than those who excel in one science subject. Click here for more details on how it is calculated.

What are you going to do?

A study by O2 revealed that more than 80% of children turn to their parents for career advice. Basically, in case you didn't already know this, as a parent, you are a very important influencer; so make the most of it!


Everyone has their own unique gifts and talents, so some people excel in STEM subjects while others excel in ARTS. Telling Mozart to stop composing or Picasso to quit painting to focus on a STEM subject is like putting a square peg in a round hole. Not only would they not achieve their purpose, the world would not benefit from their prodigious talents.

The purpose of this article on Alpha science toys is to address how many children blindly reject STEM subjects out of ignorance or fear without due consideration.

Among other reasons, this may be due to:

Lack of understanding of potential career paths

Psychological barriers/irrational fears of math and other STEM subjects

Stereotypes give science an uncool look

Popular culture makes art more attractive attractive

Men's Perspectives on STEM Careers

Most young children are very curious about the world around them. They keep asking questions and wondering how things work. In fact, to the dismay of many parents, they sometimes take apart valuables because they want to see what's inside! In a way, we are born scientists! However, reducing experiments reduces our interest over time. To make matters worse, many schools package science subjects as mundane and theoretical.

10 Ways to Spark Kids' Interest in STEM Subjects

1. The educational experts at Alpha science toys believe in doing your homework — research and get better informed so you can see the breadth of STEM careers available. Especially given the growth of the digital world, the options are increasing and becoming more exciting. You can't start talking to your kids about what's available and spark enthusiasm for these career fields if you don't know anything about it either.

2. Don't transfer your fears or failures to your children. Perhaps you had problems with math as a child; you may have unconsciously or subconsciously been signaling to your child that this was a difficult subject. Sadly, this leads them to believe the same thing and reduces their chances of excelling at it.

3. Be more open to STEM subjects. Decide to learn the basics with your child, and you'll be amazed at what you get. You can do this in a fun way by accessing engaging online tutors like MathAntics on YouTube.

4. Organizations such as professional children's science experiment summer camps provide children with stimulating opportunities to explore the world around them. This helps foster more interest in STEM subjects; your child will likely benefit from joining.

5. Visits to science museums and/or natural history museums will increase your child's curiosity and interest in science. As a parent, you also discover new things. Cost should not be an excuse, as Britain's national museums are free.

6. Organizations like TeenTech, Apps for Good, and Stemettes are great for middle school-aged children. They help them learn about opportunities in STEM industries. Stemettes introduces young girls to female role models in STEM careers who mentor them. These organizations have regular competitions that usually end with awards. They also have connections with industry leaders and often arrange workplace visits. This helps young people experience a day in the life of some technical occupations. Click here for more information on general extracurricular activities.


7. Visit the Alpha science toys website or youtube channel, we have many high-quality children's science experiment kits and STEM education knowledge sharing, your children will love the activities of learning science through exploration.

8. Ask if your child's school has any creative programs that encourage children to learn about STEM subjects. Check to see if you can get involved.

9. Most of us have broken things in our homes, such as computers, TVs, irons, etc. that are not working properly. These things can take up space in your shed or garage. Before you ship any of them to your local trash and recycling center, have your kids take them apart. That way he/she can see if they understand why it's not working and if they can fix it.

10. Instead of hanging out in front of the TV or spending extra time on social media on the weekends, take a family hike in the woods. Some have lovely nature trails. Your child will learn more about the world around them from the sights and sounds you experience. Plus, you get the added bonus of having a good workout and spending quality time together.


The education experts at Alpha science toys believe that given the speed of the digital age, there will be a qualitative leap in the near future, and STEM careers may play a more important role in our world. So now is the perfect time to start encouraging your child to be at the forefront of a new world by choosing relevant subjects for their GCSEs. As a professional China educational toy manufacturer and an excellent advocate of STEM education, Alpha science toys believe that getting children interested in STEM concepts should even start before elementary school. The future will be even more technology-based! Adopt as many of the above tips as possible so your child doesn't fall behind.

Alpha science toys have been engaged in STEM education and children's educational toy manufacturing for 16 years. Education is committed to helping children learn and understand basic scientific knowledge, allowing children to get in touch with STEM concepts earlier, cultivating their interest in science and learning opportunities, let children grow up healthier and happier, become the best scientific and technological talents in the future, and make this earth more beautiful and warm.


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