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Alpha science classroom: how to do DIY Glitter Slime

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Alpha is aimed to make science magical and interesting. At these special moments, children can use simple science experiments to learn scientific knowledge in different fields at home, which is the best extracurricular tutoring. Slime toys have always been one of the favorite sensory toys for children around the world. They are very charming, just like jelly. Today Alpha science classroom makes science interesting. DIY Glitter Slime is an interesting way to make a science experiments for kids popular. Today, Alpha science toys teach children how to make the glitter slime, which is an excellent science experiment, the purpose is to show how the polymer works.

Alpha science classroom:DIY Glitter Slime materials

Alpha science classroom:DIY Glitter Slime material

1. Borax(You can find it in the local laundry)

2. Blue glitter glue

3. Glass measuring cup

4. Water

5. Stir Stick 

Alpha science classroom:How to make glitter slime toys

Step 1: Pour the blue glitter glue into the glass measuring cup. It is very easy for children to do.

Step 2: After running out of the glue, pour some water into the bottle, shake the bottle vigorously, and pour the remaining glue into the glass measuring cup. Don’t waste the glue.

Step 3: Use the stir stick to stir slowly the glue in the measuring cup evenly

DIY Glitter Slime toys-science experiment for kids

Step 4: After that, mix 1 teaspoon of borax into 1/2 cup of warm water. (When measuring and mixing borax, please be careful, parents can help their children to complete.)

Step 5: Mix slowly the glue and borax water evenly, remember not to be too fast, this will make the two substances mix unevenly.

Step 6: The children can slowly stir their Glitter Slime and observe the magic phenomenon while stirring. The interesting slime is completed. It’s very cool and ductile.

Alpha science classroom:DIY Glitter Slime's recipe science principles

Today, Alpha science toys conduct science experiments with children to introduce some scientific knowledge of polymer. The polymer is made of long-chain molecules, like a beaded necklace. The glue contains an ingredient called polyvinyl acetate, which is a liquid polymer. Borax helps polymer stick together and form slime. That’s so awesome! Children can also make bouncing balls by stretching slime. That is an interesting science experiment for kids.

In the end, Alpha science classroom hopes that children will conduct more science experiments and learn more interesting scientific knowledge with their parents at home. Children can learn a lot of interesting scientific phenomena in this process. When go to school, kids can share them with their partners and become the smartest "star" in the school. More interesting slime toys, welcome to Alpha science toys, we are waiting for you here.


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