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Alpha science classroom:How to DIY hand sanitizer for children

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All the people in the world are in a special time of the disaster, but at the same time, they need to accept the challenges of nature constantly. They need to learn how to protect their health in this disaster. We need to learn how to get rid of germs, how to clean up, and how to prevent germs from affecting our families and our children.

When it comes to children's health Alpha science toys also have experienced great, when the parents came back home from the outdoor, work if there is no strict disinfection, will likely take different bacteria back to home, threaten the children in the home and the old man, parents must know the correct clean, keep my body and health and safety of the family, so DIY hand sanitizer became healthy good helper, Alpha science classroom teaches parents and children today, how to use simple materials in the home, DIY hand sanitizer for the children of children's hand sanitizer, A special science experiment for kids was presented to the children.

Alpha science classroom:diy hand sanitizer

Alpha science toys mention about germs. The most effective method known is to clean hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, but parents can also use hand sanitizers in an emergency. Alpha science toys remind parents to choose alcohol that is at least 60% alcohol to get the most out of it and to use it properly.

Alpha science classroom:DIY hand sanitizer requires the following materials:

1. The glass bowl

2. Stir

3.Two-thirds cup 99% of rubbing alcohol (IPA)

4.One-third cups of aloe vera gel

5.Essential oil (optional)

6.Sealed container (use up hand sanitizer bottle is optional)

7.a funnel

Alpha science classroom:prepare material-Alpha science classroom:DIY hand sanitizer-science experiment for kids

Alpha science classroom:DIY hand sanitizer step

Step 1: the children need to be prepared two-thirds cup of 99% of the rubbing alcohol into the glass bowl, let parents help children, be careful not to put the alcohol into the eyes.

Step 2:The children are one-third cups of aloe gel in a glass bowl filled with alcohol and stir with a stir bar, and it is important to note that not too sharp, slowly stir to mix well.

Step 3: pour your favorite Essential oil into a glass bowl and blend the three ingredients until smooth.

Step 4: take out the prepared airtight container and pour the DIY hand sanitizer into the container with the help of a funnel with the help of your parents.

Finally, children and parents should wash their hands with a DIY hand sanitizer, which can take up to five minutes to penetrate bacteria and be fully effective, by scrubbing the entire surface of their hands and fingers to ensure full coverage.

Alpha science classroom:liquid soap-diy hand sanitizer

Alpha science toys In this DIY hand sanitizer recipe, alcohol is crucial to killing bacteria. Aloe prevents irritating solutions from drying out the skin and causing itchy skin problems in children, while essential oils can add fragrance (although these oils may irritate sensitive skin, so if children have sensitive skin, there is no need to add them). Finally, the addition of aloe vera or essential oils to DIY hand sanitizer formulas may make it difficult to determine the correct concentration. However, Alpha science toys suggest that DIY child-friendly hand sanitizers must contain at least 60 percent alcohol to be effective.

Alpha science classroom class DIY hand sanitizer science experiment for kids topic today is over, in the course of the past Alpha science toys also has carried on the children to the composition of various bacteria science experiments, parents can guide the children to understand the process of bacteria growth, allow children to further understand the simple biological science knowledge, cultivate the children develop good health habits, parents and children together to do these interesting science experiments, children and the children grow up together. Alpha science toys with children all over the world a safe and safe ride through this special moment and the best future.





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