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Alpha science classroom:How to create bubbles and heat

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Why can bubbles ignite? What kind of magic is there? The alpha science classroom unlocks the answer for children through kids' science experiments of How to create bubbles and heat, in which there is simple knowledge of chemistry experiments for kids so that children can understand the magic of chemistry.

Alpha science classroom:How to create bubbles and heat need:

  • 1 tsp (5ml) dry yeast

  • 1/2 cup (120 ml) hydrogen peroxide (should be handled only by adults)

  • stirring stick

  • Thermometer

Alpha science classroom: How to create bubbles and heat program:

Step 1: children will record the temperature of hydrogen peroxide and put it in a small bowl.

Step 2: Children add dry yeast to peroxide and stir

Step 3: Observe the change of mixture and temperature


The purpose of this children's chemistry experiment in the alpha science classroom is to help children observe the chemical changes that generate heat. The children saw different indicators of chemical changes-bubbling, hissing, and the temperature on the thermometer was rising. They were actually very surprised by this. I have been listing ways to determine whether a chemical reaction occurred... they saw the bubbling, they saw the gas released... I guess they don’t really believe that heat can actually pass through Mix two things.

Another important part of this children's chemistry experiment is that the bubbles produced contain oxygen. This can be demonstrated by lighting and blowing out a wooden match or plywood. When the smoking match gets close to the bubble, it will reignite from the oxygen.

Alpha Science Class: How to create the scientific principles of bubbles and heat

The Alpha Science classroom tells the children that hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. This means it is water with extra oxygen. Yeast contains a chemical substance called a catalyst, which releases oxygen to produce bubbles and at the same time releases heat (exothermic reaction). This is a simple version of our magical bubble fountain experiment.

You can maximize the temperature by adjusting the amount of yeast and peroxide, making it a real experiment. You can also dissolve the yeast in water first, and then add the peroxide to see if it works.

In this kid's science experiments, the children learned interesting knowledge about bubbles, how to create bubbles and heat, and also learned some knowledge about chemistry experiments for kids. To learn more about chemistry experiments for kids, pay attention to the alpha science classroom, open the magical world of chemistry for children, and learn the best scientific knowledge.

Alpha science toys have prepared many interesting chemistry experiment kits for children. Children can choose their favorite activities, learn knowledge, and become the most powerful science magicians.


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