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Alpha science classroom:how to build a water filter

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Seventy percent of the earth is covered by water. However, only about three percent of the groundwater is available for drinking. So do children know how groundwater is formed? The answer is in Alpha Science Classroom's natural science experiments. Using simple materials, tell the children how to build a water filter. Hope this simple kid's science experiment course can unlock the mysteries of natural science knowledge for children.

Alpha science classroom:how to build a water filter Materials Needed

  1. - Water Bottle

  2. - Scissors or Knife

  3. - Coffee Filter, Cotton Balls, or fabric.

  4. - Sand or charcoal

  5. - Gravel

  6. - Large gravel or small rocks

  7. - Cup to hold filtered and non-filtered water.

Alpha Science Classroom: How to build a water filter Step by step instructions

step 1:

kids use your scissors or knife to cut off the very end of the water bottle like this...

Step 2:

Use your knife, scissors, or anything sharp to make a small hole in the center of the hat. Make sure the lid is tightened!

In my case, I used a small screwdriver and easily made a nice hole in the center.

Knives or scissors are also fine.

Step 3:

children now pass the coffee filter (or cotton ball or fabric) through the hole and down through the lid. You may need to reduce the size of the coffee filter to fit the bottle. I have to push the coffee filter to the end with a pen.

the fourth step:

children now take sand or crushed charcoal and fill the bottle about 2 inches.

Step 5:

Next, children added gravel to the bottle. Approximately 2 inches of gravel is sufficient.


Step 6:

Finally, the children add larger gravel or small stones into the bottle. Again, 1-2 inches is sufficient.

children's water filter is now complete! Simply place the filter on the cup to filter the water.

Using another cup, pour dirty/muddy water into the filter.

Step 7:

children watched the dirty water filter out!

Boil the filtered water to completely remove all bacteria, etc.!


Alpha Science Classroom: How the filter works

Congratulations to the children in the alpha science classroom, you have successfully created a simple water filter! The sand and gravel particles act as a sieve, trapping larger substances as the water moves downwards so that it does not filter with the water. Filtration like this also occurs in the natural environment. There are many communities that rely on underground aquifers, which have accumulated for millions of years because water is filtered through the soil to the bedrock.

The alpha science classroom tells the children that each layer of the homemade water filter has a purpose. Gravel or small stones are used to filter out large sediments, such as leaves or insects, while sand is used to remove fine impurities. Finally, activated carbon removes pollutants and impurities through chemical absorption, forming clean groundwater, do you understand?

OK, the natural science experiment activity of How to Build a Water Filter presented by Alpha Science Classroom today is over. Did the kids learn how to make a simple water filter? Of course, this activity not only teaches children how groundwater is formed but also teaches them survival skills on how to make clean water outdoors. Although it was just a simple science experiment course for children, Alpha Science Classroom also hoped that the children would cherish every drop of water and work together to protect nature and clean water and make the future full of green.

Alpha Science Toys' Earth Natural series has many interesting natural science experiments. Unlock the secrets of nature for children, help children become the most powerful environmental scientists. What are you waiting for? Let's explore the mysteries of nature together!



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