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Alpha Science Classroom: How to assist kids in a study in this special period

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The whole world is now going through this special moment. All of us can not go out freely but have to stay at home. Many public places and schools have already closed down as well. Fortunately, even though the kids can not go back to the classroom, the schools can still offer students educational learning material and courses online.

Alpha science toys think that, in this special time, parents can make a plan for their kids every day. Through the guidance of educational science toys, kids can learn more scientific knowledge. Besides, parents can do experiments with kids together. This is absolutely a good way to accompany children and release the pressure.

Below are some tips which can help you spend this special time together with kids.

Alpha science classroom:Written plan-educational science toys

First:  Encourage kids to read books. Practice and improve reading and writing ability.

The best way to let kids love reading is interactive reading. Parents can find some cartons which kids like, then make a special drama script based on this carton. Kids can read the script full of their emotions. Also, parents can read books together with their kids. You can let the kids read some parts, parents read some other parts. Then parents can communicate with the kids, which can help them remember the key information in the books.

Marking the objects in the house is an excellent activity, especially for kids who are at the stage of learning how to name objects. Parents can create labels and stick up on the different corners of the house and let the kids find them. Once you find, parents can ask your children to rename them and give it back to them. Then parents can count the number of the labels and promise to reward the kids.

Second: Through joining science courses or educational science toy, kids can keep their desire to the science world.

The kitchen is full of food and vegetable. Meanwhile, it is also full of scientific phenomenon. Parents can prepare a science and experiment subject for kids in the kitchen. What is the favorite science subject for kids? Or which cupcakes do they like best? Parents can let the kids join in scientific exploration and teach kids the knowledge hiding in the process of doing the experiment. Let the kids understand the knowledge behind the interesting phenomenon, such as how the melon generates electricity, why the cupcake lift, why the eggs will become solid from the liquid when cooking? Alpha science toys have shared many interesting science videos which is suitable for kids to operate on our website.

The third : Make outdoor exploration.

 If you are allowed to go out, you can invite the kids to observe the leaves, animals, the sky, and the weather. Also, you can encourage kids to find the rule behind nature. If possible, try to let kids breathe fresh air every day outside. After the kids accepting special education in science courses, you can encourage kids to write down what they have learned. Then they can make further exploration. Also, they can play educational science toys to explore natural mystery.

Fourth: Improve kid's maths ability.

What are there in the wardrobe? Parents can let kids make some counting at home. Parents can guide the kids to observe the wardrobe, calculate the quantity of the shirts, the pants, the jackets, the shoes and etc. This counting can make this special time interesting and meaningful. Kids can write down the quantity of each kind of clothes. Also, you can let the kids learn some knowledge about score and percent. Parents can also encourage kids to make housework which will get different kinds of awards.

Alpha science classroom: kitchen science-science toy

Meanwhile, kids can play some math series of science toys. If kids want to get more snacks or want to play an iPad for a longer time, they have to make efforts. Through this activity, kids can improve their maths abilities. Also, they will become more responsible.

There is another interesting activity. You and your kids can both sit around the window, observing the car color which passing by. It is really interesting for people who live in the city. Parents and kids can create a table which sums up the number of cars in different colors.

The fifth : Through playing with different series of science toys, kids can keep their best state.

Alpha science toys have the broadest science subjects, different experiments, kids can learn broad knowledge when playing Alpha science toys. Alpha science toys can help kids develop different abilities and achieve balanced development.

There are 6 series.

1.Interesting chemical reaction series

2.Magic physics exploration world

3.Charming natural series

4.Surprising space exploration series

5.Lovely girl’s favorite series

6.Disgusting slime world

Alpha Science Toys is committed to creating interesting educational science toys for children for all children in the world. What we are doing is to let children learn different scientific knowledge and make them healthy and happy. In this disaster, the children lost their initial vitality and freedom, and Alpha Science Toys did not want to see them.

The purpose of writing this article is to encourage children to play scientific experiments and help them learn. Alpha Scientific Toys hopes that all children can survive this disaster. We sincerely hope that there will be no more disasters in this world.


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