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Alpha science classroom: How Skin Protects Human Health

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This year, everyone over the world is facing nature’s challenge, health becomes the most concerned topic. In this case, learning simple biology for kids is important. Alpha science toys hope that the kids can learn biomedical science through simple science experiments to know how bacteria attacks human health. 

Alpha science classroom tells the children that human skins and mucosas are the first protective line against the virus. That is why you would wash your hands before touch your face. So today skin science experiments for kids, the children would do it seriously. Alpha science toys together with the children would learn how skins are against the virus and its function.

Alpha science classroom:What you need for the activity

6.2 tomatoes with similar size (Persimmon, Plum or similar soft fruit)

7.A plate or a tray



10.Optional: Digital scale and tapeline

SkinShield-Materials-science ex

Alpha science toys kindly remind you that wash your hands after the activity and not to taste them as there are bacteria.

Alpha science classroom:Let’s get started.

Step 1: Place 2 tomatoes on the plate and poke six holes in one of them with the toothpick. Keep the other tomato as it is as you need a healthy reference.

Step 2: Put tomatoes in a safe place where the room temperature is constant to avoid disturbing.

Step 3: Measure these two tomatoes with the tapeline and weight them with a digital scale. Be careful not to spoil the punctured tomato during it and you can ask for help from your parents.

Step 4: Observe them once a day at least for one week and record the process. What differences are there between these two tomatoes? How do the color, scent, texture, and shape change? Watch the surfaces of these two tomatoes with the magnifier and what can you see? Which bacteria can you find on the punctured tomato? How do the size and color of the punctured tomato change as time changes?

At last, Alpha science toys tell you that there are significant differences between the two tomatoes. Please note the “injured” tomato may shrink and lose mass, also a variety of fungi and other microorganisms may have colonized in the injured place. Must wash your hands after touching the injured tomato. After the activity, throw tomatoes away in the garden.

skin simulation-science toys

Alpha science classroom:science experiments for kids Experiment Principle

Alpha science toys tell you that the experiment proves human skins, as the first protective line, play an important in defecting the causative agents. As the injured tomato, the wound on the skin would be effected, causative agents. Bacteria (even fungi sometimes) can enter and stay in the tissue through an incision and cause infection. Intact skin is the main structure to protect you from infections, also be careful not to touch your nose and eyes with wounded hands as the mucous membranes are also fragile. The outer layer of the skin or epidermis forms a physical and chemical barrier that most pathogens cannot penetrate. (Mucous membranes located in the respiratory tract and intestine inside the body have a similar function.) Skin cells bind together tightly and are full of proteins to make them tough and resistant to bacteria. Your skin is salty with slightly acidic, so it is not friendly for microorganisms.

So are the fruits’ skins. Plant skin or cuticle contains wax and other molecules to store moisture and prevent pathogens from invading. When you poke the fruit, microorganisms in the surrounding environment seize the chance to invade and colonize in the exposed tissue. You may have observed that there are mold, bacteria, and various protozoa and nematode worms in the injured fruit.

Even get harmed and infected, the plants can protect themselves. Their cells produce different kinds of antimicrobial enzymes and other molecules. They can help inhibit the growth of microscopic pathogens, although they do not target specific pathogens. The human body also has a non-pathogen specific defense mechanism to handle cell damage caused by infection. These systems are a part of the innate immune system. All plants and animals have these systems as well.

Today the science experiments for kids are done by Alpha science classroom with the kids. Do you learn science knowledge? The world is in a special disaster at present, the kids with their parents must follow scientific and Hygeian ways to wash your hand frequently to keep your health. So the annoying germs cannot threaten our health and we can spend the time safety to learn more funny science happily and grow healthily.



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