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Alpha science classroom:how does a leaf breathe

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Summer is coming, and children can go outside and explore the wonders of nature. Most kids may not know much about how leaves grow through photosynthesis, or how plants breathe. Today, Alpha Science Classroom together with children explores how does a leaf breathe through doing some natural science experiments.

All you need is a bowl of water and a leaf!

Alpha science classroom: let's explore how does a leaf breathe step by step

Step 1: First, children need to fill a large bowl with warm water, then use a glass bowl or a plastic bowl (a glass bowl is recommended because children can see the experiment from all angles, but you may put the bowl outside, so you may need to use plastic).

If you replicate this natural science experiment in class, a large beaker will work too-in fact, you can extend the experiment by measuring the amount of water you use to cover the leaves and see if this has any effect on the results!

Step 2: Children need to go to the yard and find a large leaf. Children may want to remove a leaf from the tree or plant instead of just picking one from the ground because they want an "active" leaf for use in the project.

Step 3: children put the leaves in a bowl filled with water, and put a small stone on it so that it is completely submerged underwater, and then put the bowl in a sunny place.

As you can see, this is indeed the benefit of using a glass bowl-you can make sure that the entire leaf is underwater.

If you have a super sunny place inside, you can also try to put the bowl there.

Step 4: Wait! Oh yes, did I mention that we need to wait a few hours now?

I know that waiting is one of the most difficult things for children. To continue your day and maybe set up an experiment before lunch or quiet time. Or your child can prepare it before going to school or park when they come back.


Step 5: Observe after a few hours. What children should see are small bubbles formed around the leaves and the edge of the bowl. These are easy to see with the naked eye, but having a big magnifying glass on hand can always make children's natural science experiments feel more scientific.

Alpha Science Class: Explain the photosynthesis and respiration of plants and trees

Alpha science classroom asked children what would happen if they held their breath, dived into the pool, and exhaled—they would see bubbles in the water.

This is what they see here-the leaves are still using sunlight as part of the photosynthesis process (the leaves convert sunlight into energy).

When a leaf produces this energy, it needs to get rid of what it no longer needs, so that it will release excess oxygen and water during photosynthesis (the water released by plants is called transpiration).

The process of photosynthesis allows us to see bubbles-when the leaves release extra oxygen in the water, the oxygen can be seen as bubbles in the water.

Since oxygen is lighter than water, bubbles will eventually surface.

Is the breath of a tree or plant the same as our (human) breath now?

Do not!

Plants, trees, or leaves do not have any lung or respiratory system.

But it is a living organism like us! It sucks in air through their pores.

Humans breathe in oxygen-containing air, and when they exhale, they release carbon dioxide.

Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and then release oxygen during photosynthesis and respiration.

Alpha science classroom tells children that they are "seeing invisible things" because when the leaves are on the tree, they can't really see the photosynthesis process in the work.

As we all know, kids can discover the secrets of leaves through this amazing kid's science experiment. Alpha Science Classroom currently provides children with a quick and easy way to learn science through simple science experiments, helping children explore the mysteries of natural science!

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