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Alpha Science Classroom: How do squid swim

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Giant squid, giant squid, giant squid, and even ordinary squid. They have very long bodies, big eyes, arms, and tentacles. How do children know how to swim or move around? Today, through this children's biological science experiment project, the alpha science classroom uses this fun kid's science experiment activity to explore with children how squids move in the water so that children love marine science activities!

Alpha Science Classroom: How do squid swim, materials needed

  • balloon

  • Dishwashing liquid top

  • water

  • Sharp (optional)

Alpha Science Classroom: How to swim squid, step by step setting

STEP 1: First, the children carefully put the open end of the water balloon on the tap and fill it halfway.

Step 2: Then, the children ask another person to pinch the top of the balloon to keep the water inside, and then carefully place the open end of the water balloon on the bottom of the top of the detergent.

Step 3: The children carefully draw on the balloon to make it look like a squid (optional because the marker may fall off in the bathtub).


Step 4: Parental supervision, Add a few inches of water to your bathtub, put the balloon representing the squid in the bathtub, then open the top of the detergent and observe the movement of the squid balloon. Record or discuss your observations.

Alpha Science Classroom: How do squid swim, scientific principles

Both squid and octopus use jet propulsion to move in the ocean. They do this by using a siphon! A siphon refers to a way to transport water from one area to another through a pipe.

The alpha science classroom tells the children that these two creatures have a siphon that serves as a funnel. They suck water into a hole in the body called the mantle, and then drain the water through this funnel to move! The siphon can also help them eliminate waste and respiration.

This ability to use jet propulsion is a way for them to stay away from predators. In addition, this means that squid can move quickly in open water and can easily change direction. They can even tighten their bodies to make them more streamlined in order to move faster.

In our balloon squid activity, the top of the dish soap pushes out the water like a siphon, thus moving the balloon in the water!

The children now know how squid swim! You can use more balloons to test, more mysteries of squid swimming. I hope that the children's biological science experiment activities in today's alpha science classroom will unlock the cryptographic treasure of biology for children, enjoy the scientific knowledge in preschool, and enjoy the fun of kid's science experiments, so that science will not be boring.

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