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Alpha science classroom:How Do Fish Breathe Underwater

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It is fun for children to see fish swimming in the water in the aquarium, but do children know that fish can breathe? Have the children ever wondered how to see this without immersing their heads in the water? Today, Alpha science classroom Uses biological science experiments to help children understand How Do Fish Breathe Underwater? Through this easy-to-set-up kid's science experiment activity, unlock the scientific mysteries hidden in the fish.

Alpha Science Classroom: How do fish breathe underwater need

  • Clear glass jar

  • Cup

  • Water

  • Coffee filter

  • Coffee grounds

  • Rubber band

Alpha Science Classroom: How do fish breathe underwater Setting:

Step 1: First, children fill the cup with water and add a tablespoon of coffee grounds. Discuss how the coffee mixture is like water in the ocean.

Step 2: children put the coffee filter on the top of the glass jar, and the top is fixed with a rubber band. The coffee filter is like the gill of a fish.

Step 3: children slowly pour the mixture of ground coffee and water into the top of the jar, covering the coffee filter.

Step 4: Children observe the water filter through the coffee filter.


Discuss what is left in the coffee filter. Similarly, what do fish gills filter from the water? Where did the oxygen go?

Alpha Science Classroom: The simple science of how fish breathe

Do fish have lungs? No, fish have gills instead of lungs, so they cannot absorb oxygen from the air as we do. Instead, they get oxygen from water.

But how did this happen? Water enters the fish’s mouth and comes out of the gills. The gills are composed of very thin tissue, which acts as a filter to remove oxygen from the water and release carbon dioxide.

The water flows through the fish gills, and at the same time, the fish gills pull oxygen out of the water and into the blood, bringing it to all the cells in the fish.

Here, the coffee filter represents the gills, and the coffee grounds represent oxygen. The coffee filter gills collect oxygen for delivery to the fish's circulatory system.

Did you know that hermit crabs also use gills, even if they can get out of the water? However, they can only do this in humid conditions, because the gills can draw moisture from the air!

Why can't the fish breathe out of the water?

Another interesting question is why can't fish breathe out of the water? Of course, they still have enough oxygen, right?

Unfortunately, their gills will collapse, and then they will not work properly to take in the required oxygen and make it circulate in the system.

Although we can get oxygen from the air we breathe in, the air in our lungs is very humid and it is easier to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Through this biological science experiment, children can learn about the mystery of fish breathing underwater! Then the How Do Fish Breathe Underwater course of Alpha science classroom is a success. Children want to learn more about interesting children's science experiment activities, please pay attention to us!

Alpha science toys have prepared many interesting children's science experiment kits for children to help them understand this magical and interesting scientific world and grow up happily as little scientists.


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