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Alpha science classroom: Horrifying Halloween Density Experiment

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Halloween is just around the corner and kids want a spooky special activity for the holiday this year? Today, the alpha science classroom prepares Halloween density experiments for kids, giving young mad scientists to try different styles of classic children's physical science experiment projects, so that kids will love kid's science experiment activities and Halloween. 

Alpha Science Classroom: Horror Halloween density experiment, making materials.

  • Tall cup or jar

  • Vegetable oil

  • water

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Corn syrup

  • Food coloring

  • Alka Seltzer tablets

  • Dropper

Alpha Science Classroom: Scary Halloween Density Experiment Set Steps

Step 1: At the beginning, pour vegetable oil into a cup or jar. Ask your children whether they think oil is heavy or light? Can they predict what will happen when the next liquid is added?

Step 2: Once your child thinks about what will happen after adding liquid and makes a prediction, ask them to use a dropper to add water to the oil. Now, after some simple observations, which liquid is lighter or heavier means which liquid is denser.

See how cool this activity looks when the water drop sinks to the bottom! Below you will see a picture of us looking down from the top of the cup, and see colored water droplets sinking from the oil.


Step 3: After you add oil and water, and observe, you can pour the corn syrup into the cup.

Step 4: Now it's time to use the dropper to drip the colored rubbing alcohol into the cup again. what happened? The water drop sinks and rises. Is alcohol lighter or heavier than other liquids?

Finally: Please be sure to take a few minutes to observe and discuss this spooky density experiment. The simple physical activity with Halloween as the theme is to make children love science and eager to understand

Alpha Science Classroom: what is liquid density all about?

So does a cup of water weigh the same amount as a cup of oil? Now that’s a good question! Make a prediction, write a hypothesis and conduct a test. 

alpha science classrooms answer is that different liquids weigh different amounts {given the measurements are the same} and that is because each type of liquid is made up of a different combination of atoms and molecules. Some of these molecules are packed more tightly together than others too!

Kids will find when they add the water to the oil, the water sinks to the bottom, and essentially the oil floats. Photos of an oil spill in the ocean come to mind. They definitely don't mix. Water is denser than oil. Can you change the density of water? Yes, you can with this little water density experiment.

Today, alpha science classroom has a Halloween-themed physical science experiment activity for kids, aiming to make kids love science and eager to learn more about physical science information in a fun way, hoping that kids can learn from the activity and at the same time enjoy the fun brought by kid's science experiments and grow up better.

Alpha science toys also prepared Halloween science toy kits for the children, hoping to deliver Halloween-related fun toys for the children to have a happy Halloween science activity, fall in love with science and become future scientists.


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