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Alpha science classroom:Homemade water xylophone sound science experiment for kids

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Do the children know? There's amazing science in the sound, Kids love things that make sounds. It's all part of the physical sciences. Today Alpha science classroom recommends this water xylophone sound science experiment for kids that is truly a must-do classic science activity for young kids. This Christmas science experiment is simple to set up, its kitchen science at its finest with plenty of room to explore and be playful with it. Alpha science classrooms science experiment for kids and STEAM toys are a treat to satisfy curiosity, don't you think?


Alpha science classroom: Materials for children's homemade water xylophone

  • Water

  • Food coloring (we used blue, yellow, and green for varying shades of green)

  • Wooden sticks (we used bamboo skewers)

  • 4+ mason jars

  • Plastic spoon

  • Wooden spoon

Alpha science classroom: Steps for children's homemade water xylophone

Step 1: First, the children fill the jars with different levels of water. Children can eyeball the amounts or grab the measuring cups and we line them up. In the first glass we measured 1 3/4 cups of water, then 1 1/2 cups of water in the second glass, 1 1/4 cups of water in the third glass, and so on. We decreased the amount of water by 1/4 cup in each glass, leaving the last glass empty.

Step 2: Children can observe that more water equals lower sound or pitch and less water equals a higher sound or pitch.

Step 3: Children can then add food coloring to make different colors for each note. We made our jars red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. When we finished, we had a rainbow water glass xylophone!

Step 4: Children beat the glass jar with plastic spoons. They were amazed to hear that each glass sounded different!

Children can take turns using different tools to tap the glasses with. Wooden, metal, and plastic spoons were some of their favorite tools to use as mallets.


Finally: Alpha Science Toys remind children to make sure to tap the empty jars first to get an idea of the starting sound! Have them predict what will happen when they add water. When you tap the empty jars or glasses, they all made the same sound. Adding different amounts of water changes the noise, sound, or pitch. The children loved trying to figure out how to play simple melodies like “Happy Birthday”

Alpha science classroom:The principles of water xylophone science experiment

When a mallet taps the glass, the water inside the glass vibrates. The pitch of the sound depends on the speed of the vibrations. Since the glass with the most water slows down the vibrations the most, it produces a lower-pitched sound. The glass with no water in it produces the highest pitched sound because the sound waves can move quickly through the air into our ears.

Sound is simply vibrations that move through a medium that our brains interpret into noise we hear. When a glass is tapped with a spoon the vibrations travel from the glass to the water, then through the air to our ears. It all happens so quickly!

Today, the Alpha science classroom Christmas Experiment was completed. The water xylophone activity combines the principles of science, mathematics, design, music, and engineering, which is required by every family and classroom. The children can begin to practice their own water xylophone music, play a piece of music for the family at the Christmas party, and then explain the water xylophone music science experiment for kids knowledge for everyone, let everyone cheer for the little musician! Or parents can choose a sound science toy set for their children at Alpha Science Toys, allowing them to explore more sound science knowledge and become the best musicians.


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