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Alpha science classroom: Homemade Hand Boiler

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Are the kids hot enough to make the water bubble just by the heat of your touch after a wild play session? This is not magic, this scientific magical power. Today, the alpha science classroom teaches kids Homemade Hand Boiler, unlocking the magical properties of air, water and molecules through this fun chemistry experiment for kids activity for kids. Let kids unlock the treasures of science knowledge and become the best science wizards through kids' science experiments activities.

Alpha science classroom: Homemade Hand Boiler, experiment materials

  • Small drinking glass

  • Handkerchief

  • Rubber band

  • Water

  • Coloring Tablets or Food Coloring

Alpha science classroom: Homemade Hand Boiler , experimental steps

Step 1: First, the children fill a small, clear drinking glass with water.

Step 2: The children cover the top of the cup with a white handkerchief or similar cloth, held in place with a rubber band.

Step 3: Children place their hands on the cloth, quickly turn the cup over so that the cloth is facing down, and then remove their hands. No water will come out! (For the whole experiment on why this happens, see the mysterious water levitation experiment.)

Step 4: With the cloth still facing down, the children ask a friend to take two fingers and rub them on their sleeves to warm them up.

Step 5: The children need to ask your friend to put their fingers under the cloth (they don't even need to touch the cloth).


Step 6: Children while your friend's fingers are under the cloth, push down on the cup with one hand while pulling up on the cloth with the other hand. The water in the cup will start boiling!

Alpha Science Classroom: Homemade Hand Boiler , Science Principles

alpha science classroom tells kids that when you first turn a cup upside down, you might expect water to run out, but surprisingly, that's not the case. Although handkerchiefs and pieces of cloth are not waterproof, they seem to do the trick here. The handkerchief and cloth piece has small holes that should allow water to pass through, but this doesn't happen because of the molecular bonding of the water. The bonding of water molecules creates what is called surface tension. If the holes are small enough, the surface tension of the water is able to cross the small holes and make the cloth almost waterproof.

So, what makes water create bubbles? Bubbles are trapped air in a liquid, so this means that there is air entering the cup and the water. Although the surface tension of the water didn't let any water out, when you stretched the cloth, the air got in. This is because the air molecules are not bonded to the water in the same molecular way. Stretching the cloth stretches the holes in the cloth wider than normal, allowing the air molecules to fill up the little space in the cup.

It is believed that alpha science classroom, an interesting chemistry experiment for kids, has made children feel the specialness that science brings, yes, this is the power of science. The magic of water molecules is not the only one, children can also learn more about the science of water through more kid's science experiments projects, children are still waiting for what? Come along and explore the treasures of science!

alpha science toys have prepared many amazing chemistry experiment kits for kids, using the most classic chemical phenomena to unlock a magical chemical phenomenon for kids and help them out to be the greatest chemical wizard ever!


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