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Alpha science classroom:Halloween Pumpkin Volcano science experiment for kids

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Children usually love pumpkin and Holloween in Autumn. Holloween is coming up, Alpha science toys will launch an exciting Halloween Pumpkin Volcano Science Experiments for kids to give them some special joy.

First of all, children can sculpture a unique pumpkin with their parents. Sculpturing the pumpkin is an interesting sensory exercise program. Children can not only enjoy the charm of the sculpture during the process but also can make some distinctive pumpkin lamp. When putting them in the garden, you’ll be a cool pumpkin boy. Today's Halloween science experiments Parents can rest assured that we use all-natural foods for chemical reactions, so pumpkins are very safe.


Alpha science classroom: what you will need to make a Holloween pumpkin volcano

  • One carved pumpkin

  • Baking soda

  • Vinegar

  • Food coloring (orange is the best)

  • Large measuring cup

  • A spacious outdoor space

Alpha science classroom:how to make your Halloween pumpkin volcano!

Firstly, children should take their pumpkin outside and set it on a surface that is easy to wash off. For instance, put the pumpkin on an upturned bucket, you won't mess up the road, and will be easier to clean.

Secondly, children take the top off your pumpkin. Then, add baking soda (about 1/2 cup should be ok, but adjust as necessary for best eruption). Be careful, it doesn’t erupt right out the mouth!

Thirdly, children need to mix about 2 cups of vinegar with some orange food coloring( or any color you like) in the measuring cup. This Halloween science experiment for kids doesn't require particular precision. So let children do experiments with ratios and play.

Now, slowly pour the mixture of vinegar and food coloring into the pumpkin. Watch as your eruption starts and your pumpkin volcano looks like it is vomiting.

Alpha science toys believe For today's Halloween science experiment results children will be screaming and cheering!


Alpha science classroom: The Science Behind this Holloween Pumpkin Volcano Science experiment

Unlike our Lemon Volcanoes which erupted with just the addition of baking soda, this time, we need to add an acid to our base (baking soda) in the pumpkin to create a reaction. Lemons are naturally very acidic, but children know pumpkins are not. Children can tell this just by tasting them or using a pH test. Pumpkins need help to start their eruptions, so we add acid (vinegar) to create the chemical reaction that results in our pumpkin eruption.

Come to Alpha science toys' official website to select educational science experiments toys kits for kids if children want to try more fun science experiments programs, and to be a great scientist.

Alpha Science Toys wishes children around the world a happy Halloween!


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