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Alpha science classroom:Grow a carbon sugar snake

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Carbon Sugar Snake-Making a hot black snake rise from the ground through this exciting children's chemistry science experiment activity! Do children want to own this magical black snake? Then let the Alpha science classroom come to Grow a carbon sugar snake with you. We could find the materials we need in the kitchen at home. Simple and mysterious children's chemistry science experiment activities will bring special joy for children in the summer. Which allows the children to immerse themselves in the magical world of chemistry and grow up continuously. 


The alpha science classroom warns children that lighter oil is a very flammable and dangerous substance. Adult supervision (for the entire event) is very important, and be prepared to have a fire extinguisher nearby just in case. MJSA is not responsible for any accidents caused by improper use of lighter oil.

Alpha science classroom:Grow a carbon sugar snake Materials

  • 1                    large bowl (a pie pan, bin, or similar vessel can be substituted) 

  • 1                    small bowl

  • 1                  liter sand

  • 1 tbsp.        baking soda

  • 4 tbsp.        powdered sugar

  • 1 cup           lighter fluid

  • 1                    lighter

Alpha science classroom:Grow a carbon sugar snake step

step 1

Children, in a bowl, mix 4 teaspoons of powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon of baking soda

Step 2

children fill the pie tin with sand and create a small mound in the middle. Use your knuckles to indent in the middle of the mound.

third step

children poured lighter liquids into the mounds and dents. Make sure that the sand is fully saturated.

the fourth step

Pour a spoon of sugar and baking soda into the center of the mound.


Step 5

Children need to be careful to light the sand near the sugar mixture. (An adult should perform or carefully supervise this step if needed.) The mixture of sugar and baking soda will start to foam and turn black. When this mixture burns, be aware that your snake begins to grow and gradually take shape. This is a slow process, so please be patient! After a few minutes, a snake will begin to form and can continue to burn for more than 20 minutes!

Scientific principles

Tell the kids in the alpha science classroom. Your magical carbohydrate snake is the product of three chemical reactions, all of which depend on heat.

First, when sugar is burned (burned) in the presence of oxygen, the first of these reactions occur. This produces carbon dioxide gas and water vapor (also a gas), pushing more sugar/baking soda mixture upwards. Some of these extra sugars become hot, but cannot absorb any oxygen, so it does not burn, but undergoes thermal decomposition to produce solid carbon and more water vapor. Now, this solid carbon gives the snake a certain shape, and it also gives the snake its black color. Finally, baking soda will also decompose in the heat to produce solid sodium carbonate, carbon dioxide gas, and water vapor. In short, these three reactions simultaneously produce the solid components of the snake (carbon and sodium carbonate) and hot gases (CO2 and water vapor), which make the snake expand and expand out of the sand table.

The alpha science classroom tells the children that the sand in the children's chemistry experiment will not chemically react with anything in the growing snake. Instead, it distributes the heat evenly from the burning lighter liquid to the sugar and baking soda, thus ensuring slow, stable combustion and the growth of the long-carbon sugar snake.

Hi Children, Does the carbon sugar snake you made is amazing? Come on and explore more interesting children's chemistry science experiment activities with the alpha science classroom! Believe that this simple carbon sugar snake chemistry science experiment activity will bring you a lot of shocks.  What are you waiting for? Let’s go and explore more interesting kid’s science experiment activities!

Alpha science toys have created a magical kid's science experiment to explore the world for children. There are many magical children's chemical experiment kits to help children understand the principles of simple chemical experiments, which aim to let children can become the next chemical scientists and grow up happily.


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