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Alpha science classroom: Gravity-Defying Magnets

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Did the kids know? Gravity is a force that tries to pull two objects toward each other. Just like the earth's gravity is what keeps you on the ground, it is what causes objects to fall, and it is what causes objects to fall downward instead of upward! So how do you learn about the scientific mystery of gravity? alpha science classroom lets kids feel the magic of science while enjoying the fun and growth that comes from kid's science experiments activities through Gravity-Defying Magnets, a fun children's physical science experiments activity.

Alpha Science Classroom: Gravity-Breaking Magnets, Materials Needed

  • Small wooden pegs or sticks

  • Rope

  • Paperclips

  • Scissors

  • Duct tape

  • Strong magnets (use 0.5" or larger neodymium magnets or 0.75" or larger ceramic magnets. (Ordinary craft magnets will not work).

  • Metal ruler (or a wooden ruler with tape)

  • Blocks, books, or other materials for stacking

Alpha science classroom: Gravity-Defying Magnets, step-by-step tutorial

Step 1. First, the children tie some paper clips to a string. Then tie the string to a small stick or stick.

Step 2: Children lift the stick and let the paper clips hang from the string. Which direction is the paperclip pointing? What happens if you tilt the stick?

Step 3: Did the children notice that no matter which way he tilted the stick or how much he tilted it, the paperclip always pointed straight down! This surprised him.

Step 4: We talked about how the earth's gravity holds us and other things in place on the ground. The paper clips are pulled toward the earth by gravity, but they don't fall because the string holds them in the air. No matter which direction we tilt the dowel rod, the paperclips are still pulled directly toward the Earth by gravity.

Step 5:Next we explored how to use magnets to easily overcome gravity. Place three magnets along a metal ruler. (If you are using a wooden ruler, you can attach the magnets to it.)

Step 6: Children hang the ruler from two piles of blocks, books, or other materials. Be sure the magnets are facing down.

Step 7: Children remove the paper clips and string from your wooden stick.

Step 8: Children take out a paperclip and hold it until it is suspended just below the first magnet. Secure the string to the table (or whatever surface you are moving on) with tape. Do the same for the other two paper clips. 7.


Step 9: After tying the string under the magnet, remove the ruler and observe what happens. All of the paperclips fell to the floor. We discussed why the paperclips did not rise into the air after the magnet was removed.

Step 10: The children put the ruler with the magnet back on top of the paper clips. Slowly lift each paperclip toward each magnet until they are all levitated. The children were very excited about this demonstration!

Alpha Science Classroom: Magnets that resist gravity, the science behind them

The magnetic force between a paperclip and a magnet is stronger than gravity. This means that the paperclip remains suspended in the air, rather than falling to the ground.

What is gravity?

Gravity is a force that draws objects closer to each other. It is gravity that keeps us on the ground, and when we jump up, gravity pulls us back to the center of the earth.

What is force?

A force is a push or pull. A force can cause an object to speed up, slow down, or change direction.

Gravity is an important factor in the freedom of movement of human beings on earth. I believe that the children have already understood through the children's physical science experiments in the alpha science classroom and solved the scientific mystery of gravity, and I hope that today's kid's science experiments will open the door to explore science and develop their abilities to grow up happily as the smartest scientists.

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