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Alpha science classroom:Floating Rice Bottle-Simple Science Experiment

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Physics is fun and sometimes even a bit like magic! Explore magic and fun of physics. In Alpha science classroom, kids can do simple science experiment activities using the components found from the home kitchen to explore the mysteries of friction in physics. This floating rice science experiment activity in the Alpha science classroom is a MUST try for the budding scientist and perfect for all those curious kiddos out there. Simple Alpha science toys experiments are a great way to engage kids with hands-on learning that is also playful!


Our Floating Rice Experiment is a fun example of static frictional force at work.

Alpha science classroom:Floating Rice Bottle experimental materials


Uncooked Rice

Food coloring (optional)

Bottle (glass or plastic both work- also done this with a 16oz water bottle)


Alpha science classroom:Floating Rice Bottle experimental process

STEP 1. Color the rice yellow (or whatever color) if desired.  Check out our step by step instructions for dying rice.

STEP 2. Place the colored rice in the bottle. Fill two plastic bottles up with rice. Stop when the rice is about an inch from the top.

STEP 3. Stick the pencil into the rice. Then pull the pencil out.

Repeat until the rice is packed tighter and tighter. What do you notice? Can you lift your bottle of rice with just a pencil?

Eventually, the friction between the grains of rice will be so much that the pencil won’t come out, and you can lift the bottle of rice with a pencil.


Alpha science classroom:Science behind Floating Rice Bottle experimental 

When the rice is inside the bottle, the grains are next to each other but there is still space or air between each grain.  When you push the pencil into the bottle of rice, the grains are forced together to make room for the pencil. As you continue to push the pencil in, the grains move closer and closer together until they are rubbing against each other.

This is where friction starts to work. What is friction? Friction is the resistance to motion between two surfaces that are sliding, or trying to slide, across each other. The amount of friction depends on what materials from the two surfaces are made of. The rougher the surface, the more friction is produced.

Once the grains of rice are packed so closely together that the friction becomes overwhelming, they will push against the pencil with a strong enough force to make the pencil stuck, allowing you to pick up the whole bottle with the pencil.

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