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Alpha science classroom: Floating Bottle Trick

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Children have seen many magic shows, the magician can make the glass bottle float very magical, children know why this is? Today, through Floating Bottle Trick, a fun children's physical science experiments program, the alpha science classroom will unlock this magical mystery for children, while learning the basic physical science knowledge, so that children will love kid's science experiments activities and become science wizards.

Alpha science classroom: Floating Bottle Trick, Experiment Materials

  • 1 Clear Glass Bottle

  • 1 Solid Colored Bottle

  • Aluminum Foil or a Small Ball

  • Rope

Alpha science classroom: Floating Bottle Trick, experimental steps

Step 1: Children who are using aluminum foil, knead it into a small ball to fit the bottle.

Step 2: Children hide the small ball or ball of aluminum foil in your hand. Your hand should be held naturally so that no one can see that you are hiding something.

Step 3: Children have a friend choose a soda bottle and a piece of string, and you take the other one.

Step 4: The children ask your friend to check the bottle to make sure it is a normal bottle. When they do, you do the same. Turn the bottle upside down and surreptitiously place the ball hidden in your hand at the mouth of the bottle. When you turn the bottle over, the ball should fall to the bottom of the bottle. Make sure you have one hand holding the bottle near the bottom to help hide the ball inside.

Step 5: Both the kids and your friend should put your string halfway into the bottle to "tickle the genie". Turn your bottle upside down and give the string a slight tug. When you let go, the string in your bottle will stay in place and your friend's string will fall out.

Step 6: Now turn your bottle over and let it dangle as you hold onto the rope. At this point, your friend will still be trying to get the rope to dangle from the bottle. It may be a good idea to work on a soft or carpeted surface.


Step 7: The children push the rope into the bottle to release the ball and remove the rope. Grab the bottle by the neck, turn it upside down, and sneak the ball back into your hand. Since you have proven that your bottle and rope work, you can swap the bottle and rope with your friends. Remember to steal the ball without them seeing it.

Step 8: Children exchange bottles with their friends and repeat the process of sneaking the ball into the bottle, putting the string halfway in, and letting the bottle hanging from the string. Your friends will be amazed at your magical powers!

Alpha science classroom: Floating Bottle Trick, scientific principles

The alpha science classroom shows children that this magic trick is the effect of friction that makes this effect work. Friction is the force or resistance against the movement of one object or surface against another object or surface. The surface of the ball (the "genie") provides enough force or resistance to bind the rope to the glass so that the rope does not slip out of the bottle.

At a very tiny level (microscopic, in fact), the fibers of the rope are caught by the rough surface of the ball on one side and the rough surface of the glass on the other. This resistance prevents the rope from moving. At the same time, the surfaces of the ball and the glass bond to each other, holding the ball firmly in place. When you push the rope slightly downward, the resistance disappears, the ball falls into the bottle, and the rope can be easily removed from the bottle.


Now that you have mastered the trick of the floating bottle, try different ways to experiment with it. Are there other objects that can replace the ball and create more friction? How about using something instead of a string? Just remember that the bottle you are using is made of glass, so we recommend trying this method on a bed or near a carpet so that if the bottle falls, it won't break.

The children have solved this floating bottle trick through scientific methods, don't they feel very cool? I believe that the physical science experiments activities for children in the alpha science classroom also brought scientific knowledge to the children's minds. Then, kids can show this amazing science magic to their friends and family, so that they can also see the magic of kid's science experiments and show the power of science wizards!

alpha science toys have designed many interesting physical science experiment kits for kids to help kids learn knowledge while enjoying the fun brought by science, exploring more magical scientific mysteries, and becoming the greatest scientists.


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