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Alpha science classroom: Explore the science of sound with DIY kazoo toy

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Alpha science toys think its important for children to explore the secrets of sound. The childrens favorite thing is to use different tools to make musical instruments. These instrumentslet children discover that different material tools can make different sounds. Meanwhile, the sounds have a lot of interesting science. Today, Alpha and the children DIY simple kazoo together to explore the science of sound mysteries in the kazoo.

Kazoo is an instrument suitable for children to explore the science of sound. It is usually made from paper tubes. This is a very interesting STEM activity that can improve children’s sensory abilities for children of all ages.

Alpha science classroom:magic kazoo-science of sound

Alpha science classroom: the material of DIY kazoo

1.Cardboard tube (old toilet paper roll or paper towel roll)

2.Wax paper


4.Sharp pencil (or another sharp object) to poke holes

5.Paint or other art supplies to decorate your kazoo (optional)

Alpha science classroom: Notes for the production process

There are some safety risks in the process of making kazoos, such as a sharp pencil and paint. So parents need to assist their children to complete this science of sound activity to ensure their safety.

Alpha science classroom-Alpha science toys

Alpha science classroom: How to make Kazoo

The first step:  The children cover the end of the cardboard tube with wax paper and secure it with a rubber-band.

The second step:The children need to use a sharp pencil to make some holes in the side of the cardboard tube. You can ask your parents to help you with this step.

The third step:  children can put the open end of the tube up to your mouth and hum or say “no” over and over and to make the kazoo sound.

The fourth step: Paint your tube.

Alpha science classroom: questions to spark more curiosity & critical thinking

What do you hear?  How are the sounds being made? Do the sounds change when you hum different tunes? Alpha science toys think that voice is hitting the wax paper and coming back to me.

The secret of sound science:  The wax paper vibrates from the sound of children’s voice, amplifying it.

Do children want to know the science of sound? Alpha science toys tell the children they can use different sizes of the cardboard tubes to make different sounds. The secret of Kazoo is simple. More interesting scientific mysteries in the Alpha science classroom. Look forward to working with you to uncover more interesting scientific mysteries.


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